Due to lack of time and diminishing interest on my part, I have effectively ceased development on the Now Reading plugin. You can still get it from the WordPress Plugin Repository as “Now Reading Reloaded.”

Like many of you, I’m a fan of Rob Miller’s Now Reading plugin. But Rob’s been busy lately, and the plugin, while functional, doesn’t look too great on WordPress 2.7.

In an entirely selfish effort, I cleaned up some of the code (using the latest 4.4.4-beta code from SVN) to use some of WordPress 2.7’s built in styles.


Before you download it, let me make some things perfectly clear:

  • I have limited testing capabilities; I don’t have access to PHP4, so support for it is limited to whatever happens to work.
  • Translations are no longer up to date, and will be even less so in the future. Contributions are (eventually) welcome.
  • You must have WordPress 2.7 or higher. Older versions are not supported.
  • Due to a change in Amazon’s API, you must now sign up for an access key in order to use this plugin.
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170 Comments to “Now Reading Reloaded”

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I’m getting an error and I’m not sure the issue (basically anytime I search on amazon):
    Fatal error: Call to a member function CDATA() on a non-object in …/blog/wp-content/plugins/now-reading/amazon.php on line 130

  2. Ben says:


    What version are you running? 4.4.4-helio7?

  3. Ovidiu says:

    I am quite happy with the original, never had a problem, looks good on my install too, but there is something else that bothers me.

    Is it possible to somehow implement meta description and meta keywords to the library output?

    I have customized my templates but don’t know how to do this :-( check my example of the library here: http://pacura.ru/library/

  4. dave says:

    Kaitlin, try this at line 130 of amazon.php

    if (!empty($attr->Author) ){
    $author = $attr->Author->CDATA();

  5. Doug says:

    Thanks for updating this. I have tried to adapt it to my blog but I am having some trouble.

    I am using the widget version…

    All I want in my sidebar is the currently reading book. Essentially I want it to return the book where status=reading only.

    I have edited the sidebar.php template but I think this is overridden by the widget?

  6. Ben says:


    The widget loads your sidebar.php file, so you should have no problems in that regard.

    Are you sure that your changes to the sidebar template are correct?

  7. Doug says:

    Ignore the last post. I was uploading my back up copy not the file I was editing. Must be time to take a break.


  8. Doug says:

    Me again with another problem.

    I want to create a page in wordpress to list all of the books I have read in a certain year.

    I tagged all the books I read in 2006 with "2006".

    I try to call them with this:

    but nothing is returned. What statement would I use to call the books under one specific tag.

    Thanks for helping me out.

  9. Ben says:

    Please wrap any code (using > or < with <code> or <pre> tags.

  10. Doug says:


    This is what I have tried with no success:

  11. Doug says:

    <?php if( have_books("tag='2006'&num=-1") ) : ?>

  12. dave says:

    Doug, try this:

    <?php if( have_books("tag=2006&num=-1") ) : ?

    I believe the code is escaping the tag parameter so you don’t need the ”

  13. Steve Taylor says:

    Many thanks for this update! I thought I was going to lose today when I realized the NR plugin was broken with 2.7. All working well with your update. Added some link love for you on my library page.

  14. Rahel says:

    First of all, thanks for updating this plugin. It’s one I’ve used a lot and I really enjoy it. Secondly, I’m getting a 500 internal server error every time I try to edit a book, or save options, or add a book. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I’m using WP2.7, and am running the following: Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.8
    MySQL version 5.0.67-community. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to email me off this thread.

  15. Gregg says:

    Thanks for taking the initiative to update this great plugin!
    Works great using these versions. Just an F.Y.I.

    WP 2.7
    Apache 1.3.37
    PHP 4.4.3
    MySQL 4.1.22

  16. Kaitlin says:

    I’m using helio7, so the latest update. dave – the line that you’re talking about – should I be replacing something? Sorry, it’s late, and I’m looking at the code and not 100% sure what I’m doing and I don’t want to create a tailspin.

    Here’s what is currently on line 130 for me:

    $author = $attr->Author->CDATA();
  17. dave says:

    Kaitlin, I should have been clearer. Yes, replace the lines you
    currently have on line 130 of amazon.php with these lines:

    if (!empty($attr->Author)){
         $author   = $attr->Author->CDATA();

    I noticed this myself on some amazon queries and the changes I
    suggested fixed it for me and I hope it works for you as well.

    Let me know if you have no success



  18. BHutchison says:

    First up, it’s great to see this plugin updated – top work, fella.

    I need a little help. My sidebar at http://www.barryhutchison.com/library keeps getting shoved to the bottom. I’ve tried moving it about in the library template, but it always ends up being pushed down below.

    Any ideas?

    Also, how do I get the books covers to display horizontally, rather than vertically?

  19. BHutchison says:

    it’s okay – I figured it out!

  20. Tommy says:

    I’m having the same problem as the last poster – everything lists vertically, including my sidebar. You can see what I mean at http://www.tommydonbavand.com/library/

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks


  21. […] I’ve added the Now Reading plugin to the blog this evening, and it was a bit of doing to get it to work. WordPress 2.7 has evidently broken all sorts of old plugins. The latest version of WordPress has a nifty backend that cleans up a lot of the functionality issues from the dev team’s past attempts at updating the interface, but broken plugins are the price to be paid. Luckily a fan who is handier with coding PHP than I am was able to put together a new version of Now Reading that works with WordPress 2.7. […]

  22. Hedley says:

    You’re my hero!

    This is one of my favourite plugins, but it died after I upgraded to 2.7 and no matter how I tinkered, could not get it to work. Now, I have it back, thanks to you!


  23. Kaitlni says:

    I believe it worked Dave, thanks! I did need to add another } at the end of what you posted (it generated an unexpected error, and when I realized your line had an opening one, I added a closing one and it seemed to get rid of the error. So, I replaced

    $author = $attr->Author->CDATA();


    if (!empty($attr->Author)){
    $author = $attr->Author->CDATA();

  24. Kaitlin says:

    (and I promise I know how to spell my own name!)

  25. Kaitlin says:

    So, I think that fixed the issue I was having, but also led to another issue (perhaps inadvertently). When I search for a book by title (ie, I searched for "time traveler’s wife"), I get no results found. It would appear that the search is not parsing punctuation in the search string properly (at least for the title), since I also did a search for "time travelers wife" (without the apostrophe) and got results that included "The Time Traveler’s Wife".

    As a side question, I’m also getting an error about memory if I search by author name only. Is there a setting I should adjust with my host to avoid this?

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in …/blog/wp-content/plugins/now-reading/xml/IsterXmlNode.php on line 234

  26. Hedley says:

    OK, I’ve uncovered a little peculiar behaviour, seemingly related to nice permalinks…

    Though working generally, I found that clicking on a title in the sidebar does not work (404). The URL being followed is in the format:


    I then found that if I make any change to the options, it seems to have the effect of turning on debug mode, even when that box is not checked. Six lines of debug messages show up above the header, each repeated three times:

    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 1 in /home/edwards/public_html/wp-includes/classes.php on line 210
    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 1 in /home/edwards/public_html/wp-includes/classes.php on line 211

    Interestingly, when these messages are being displayed, clicking a title in the sidebar works (identical URL format as described not working above).

    At this point, the only way I can clear the debug messages is to disable the plugin and change to default permalinks. Then, I can turn nice permalinks back on (I use ‘numeric’), and then I can re-activate ‘Now Reading’ and there are no errors. If I reverse the order, however (reactivate ‘Now Reading’ first and then turn on nice permalinks), the errors return.

    I’ll keep playing with it, but if anyone has tips, I’m happy to hear them.

    My Linux host is using Apache 2.2.11 and PhP 5.2.8.


  27. Greetings,

    Dowloaded the latest, but the add book page came out blank. Commenting out the update check at lines 52-64 of admin/admin-add.php fixed the problem. It might be better to have the regular wordpress plugin update checker handle this stuff.

  28. Ben says:


    Didn’t realize there was an update check in this old hoss…

    In any case, WordPress’s update checker only works for plugins in the official WordPress plugin repo. Since this one isn’t, it wouldn’t do much good.

  29. Viitoria says:

    Apparently, since I’ve upgraded NR, the pretty permalinks won’t work anymore and any other permalink I try to specify other than the default /library won’t take. I’m sure my server handles apache mod_rewrite, since it works before. Any ideas on why it’s not listening?

    my server stats:

    Apache version 1.3.41 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.5
    MySQL version 5.0.51a-community
    Architecture i686
    Operating system Linux

  30. Kaitlin says:

    I had to disable and then re-enable the pretty permalinks to get it to catch with the newest NR. See if reverting to the default and then back to pretty permalinks in your wordpress control panel makes it work.

  31. Viitoria says:

    Yes, that was also the case with previous updates to NR, but I’ve tried reverting to default and renewing the permalinks, but nothing. Hmm. Not sure what seems to be the problem this time.

  32. Viitoria says:

    Hmmm. One of my plugins seems to be causing this problem. Apparently, this won’t play well with the "More Fields" plugin, and whenever that plugin is enabled, pretty permalinks don’t work for this for some inane reason. God knows why. :(

    Pity, because I quite liked that plugin. Now to decide which to sacrifice – pretty permalinks or more fields?

  33. ovidiu says:

    is tehre a way to display a certain number of books in the library and add pagination?

    i.e. show 20 books in the library giving the user the option of going to the next page and so on?

    I know I can limit the results to i.e. 20 books but I am not sure how to add pagination….

  34. Ben says:

    I’m not sure that pagination is part of the core.

    The quick and dirty solution would be to use scripting to add pagination.

  35. ovidiu says:

    so how do you guys handle pagination? I mean what am I meant to do when my library reaches a size where the loading of the library page takes ages (not that I am near this scenario, still) ?

  36. Ben says:

    Not sure what your library setup is like, but I think it’d have to get to an awfully large size before it became problematic in terms of load. I don’t think it was ever enough of a problem for Rob to worry about when he coded this plugin initially.

  37. ovidiu says:

    btw. I just found this option inside the plugin’s settigns:

    Books per page:

    but it doesn’t seem to influence the library page :-( any idea what that is for?

  38. ovidiu says:

    oh, and btw, have you seen this comment? http://heliologue.com/projects/now-reading-for-wordpress-27/#comment-172485 any ideas? I’d like to implement a little SEO :-)

  39. Baltimoron says:

    Firstly, bless you for updating this plugin.

    Secondly, may I suggest a tweak? In a future version can you add other vendors, like Powell’s, in addition to Amazon?

    Thirdly, I am having two related problems.

    Now Reading v4.4.4-Helio7
    WP v2.7.1
    MySQL v5.0.67
    Magatheme v1.0.1

    I have no library page (http://www.radicalcontrapositions.com/left_flank/library/) or individual book pages (http://www.radicalcontrapositions.com/left_flank/library/kang-rigoulot-pierre-reiner-yair-trn-chol-hwan/the-aquariums-of-pyongyang/).

    Thanks again for your efforts!

  40. darin says:

    Okay, I figured this out once before, but am now too tired to think about it. Could somebody point me in the right direction (surely the template files):

    When you click on a book, an author, etc, the sidebars get dumped to the bottom (I imagine this is a problem similar to the one BHutchison mentioned).

    See, for example,

    I suspect I simply need to adjust the template files for each of these (that is what I recall doing last time). Am I right here?


  41. darin says:

    Sorry, the link didn’t appear:
    see this page

  42. In the templates/single.php file, make sure that the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> is after the last </div> and before the <?php get_footer(); ?>.

  43. Norm says:

    Now reading doesn’t find Kindle Books by the Amazon ISBN

  44. darin says:

    @ Jonathan Blake:

    Thanks. Got it.


  45. Ed says:

    Hi, upon searching for a title I get the following error:

    "Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to webservices.amazon.com:80 (Permission denied) in /home/www/mystuff.com/blog/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php on line 1142


    For some reason, I couldn’t search for your book on amazon.com.

    Amazon’s Web Services may be down, or there may be a problem with your server configuration.

    Try changing your HTTP Library setting to cURL."

    I’m not really sure what’s happening here but I found a thread with a similar error and can now say that "allow_url_fopen" is on and
    curl is enabled. Any help would be really helpful as I’d love to get this plugin up and running!

    Many Thanks

  46. Dayna says:

    Is there a problem with the permalinks rewrite? If I change the URL of the library. All the links doesn’t work. Is there a fix for this? :(

  47. Ben says:


    If you have your HTTP library set to cURL, are you still getting error messages about class-snoopy.php? What are you other server settings (versions, etc)?


    Please try 4.4.4-helio8 and let me know if it works for you. After installing it, update your options page with your desired library URL.

  48. Dayna says:

    @Ben I have tried the latest version. But the URL generated when I use these tags:

    <?php print_book_tags(1) ?> and <?php book_author_permalink() ?>

    are still wrong. They still point to domain.com/library…

  49. Dayna says:

    Oh by the way, the "view library" link at the top of the manage books page is also incorrect.

    Just a suggestion, I feel that the "width=100" should be remove from the img tag of the books displayed in the admin manage books. I’m choosing small size to view them and the code makes the image stretch all the way to 100px in the admin. :(

    Thanks so much :)

  50. Monica says:

    Thanks for updating the plug in! I’m having the same problem as some of the above. It shows up on my sidebar just fine, but if you try to go to the library or click on a book the library page doesn’t exist. I’ve tried resetting the permalinks, but still nothing.


  51. Monica says:

    Sorry, but also when I add a new book and click on ‘edit this book’ it just takes me to the last book I previously added and the new book I just added disappears.

  52. Ben says:

    I’ve uploaded a new version (-helio9) which hopefully fixes the issues with library paths in the templates (the values were apparently hardcoded as /library. I only have time for a quick test against my own blog, so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work for everybody. Bug reports are appreciated.

    Monica, I can’t reproduce the behavior you’re experiencing in this comment.

  53. Dayna says:

    Hi Ben, I tested out version 9.

    A problem here, my permalink options is domain.com/about/library.

    When the URL is being output, it becomes


    without the / in between.

    Thanks :)

  54. Ben says:


    Try 4.4.5. I hadn’t considered that there might be multi-part base paths.

  55. Dayna says:

    @Ben: Everything is working great now, all the links are correct. Thanks so much for fixing this.

    Just 2 suggestions:
    – I think it’s better to remove the width="100" in the manage books page as it stretches the image if we are using small image size for the book.
    – Is it possible to use star ratings (eg. out of 5 stars) instead of number ratings in the future?

    Once again, thanks for the effort put into this plugin. :)

  56. Monica says:

    Everything is working great for me now too. I have no idea what I did to cause the editing thing, but it’s gone as well.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this. It’s really VERY appreciated!

  57. Ed says:

    Hi again, my PHP Version is 5.0.5 and I’m running WordPress 2.7. On my phpinfo file it just says that curl support is enabled. When I try to change the now reading plugin settings in my wordpress admin area and click update I’m taken to this url –
    "../now-reading/admin/options.php" and get this message "15 Naahh.. it will not work!"
    Not really sure what’s going on, any ideas? :-\

    Thanks a lot

  58. Juno says:

    I’m getting the same error messages as Hedley. :-(

  59. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this plugin. It works properly for the most part (when searching certain books on Amazon I get an error but most show up) and now I’m just trying to customize. I wanted to know if there was any way to sort the lists (currently reading, recent books, and planned books) by title instead of by date added?

  60. Adrienne says:

    First, thank you for updating this plugin. I love it. Now, for my problem. I can add a book and view but I cannot edit. When I click to edit a book it just stalls and does nothing. Any ideas?

  61. Lisa says:

    The plugin was working for me until today. It was working all morning but now it makes my blog painfully slow. Like Adrienne above, the program stalls when I try to edit a book and completely stalls my entire blog. After waiting for five minutes or so it comes back and will work for a while but then it stalls again. The only way to prevent my blog from stalling is to deactivate "Now Reading".

    I got the lists to order by name so I answered my own question.

  62. Adrienne says:

    Holy! I just tried to edit a book and all of the sudden it’s working. Weird.

  63. Ross says:

    I had the same problem as Hedley. My library showed up just fine but any nice links to an author or title threw the "404 Oh no!" error. To fix this I deactivated the plugin, reset the permalinks to default, reset the permalinks again to custom, activated the plugin and changed the HTTP library from Snoopy to cURL. This is done through the Now Reading > Options page. Hope this helps someone.

    WP 2.7.1
    K2 1.0 rc7
    Now-Reading 4.4.5
    MySQL 5.0.51
    Apache 2.2.8

  64. Jon says:

    I’m using Now Reading 4.4.5, and when I try to add a book, /wp-content/plugins/now-reading/admin/add.php comes up blank. White page. Nothin’ there. Any clues?

  65. Chris says:

    I’m getting the "Error adding book" message every time I try to, er, add a book. The Amazon search is working just fine but as soon as I click Use This Result I am sent back to the add-new page and shown the error. All four tables are present and accounted for in the database, but with nothing in them. I’ve got debug mode switched on but all that’s giving me is the detailed XML back from Amazon. Any suggestions?

    I’m running 4.4.5 and WP 2.7.1 on PHP 5.2.1, MySQL 5.0.27 and IIS6.

  66. Mark says:

    Question – is it possible to change the number of "Planned Reads" and "Recently Read" books that show up in the sidebar? On my blog (amymark.ewingsonline.com) it seems to have capped at 5 and I’d like for it to be 6 or 9. I’ve dug around the Sidebar.php code (which I’ve already modified) but I don’t see where the where loop is being cut off before all upcoming/recently read books are displayed. Thanks!

    • Ben says:

      Sure, it’s just a matter of adding one more query string.

      For instance, find this section:

      <?php while( have_books('status=read&orderby=finished&order=desc') ) : the_book(); ?>

      and change it to

      <?php while( have_books('status=read&orderby=finished&order=desc&num=9') ) : the_book(); ?>

      Do this accordingly for each status.

      • Mark says:

        Ben, thanks! I had to add the &num= part to the if and while statements (figured that out by looking at the documentation and library.php file.

        I do have another question which is unrelated to this particular post, but I’m hoping somebody can help me out. My wife and I share the same blog with different accounts, so I have the "multi reader" feature enabled. But I’ve run into a strange problem. My wife and I read the same book, I want to write a review of the book (which I did) but because she finished first, only her review shows up. Is there some way to get the single page to be different for each of us, or maybe have both of our reviews on it, just separated?

  67. Elina says:

    Thank you so much for this plugin. I’ve been wondering how you show the bookcovers in planned and recent books? Bcause I got only list like here: http://crimsonheart.bubble.nu/?now_reading_library=true. And how you show only cuurrently reading in the sidebar? It shows the whole list. Thanks!

  68. Jon says:

    It would be awesome if there was a similar plugin for musical albums and motion-picture DVDs. Has anyone successfully modified this plugin for that use, or found another plugin that accomplishes that?

  69. Diane says:

    Thank you for your update of Now Reading.

    When trying to add a book this morning I got the "Fatal error: Call to a member function CDATA() on a non-object in …/blog/wp-content/plugins/now-reading/amazon.php on line 129"

    I had stumbled upon your site before and after checking Rob’s site I headed this way. Was not disappointed. Uploaded you new version and with a couple of quick tweaks was back in business.

    Thank you again.

  70. Boyd says:

    I went to Roblogs site and downloaded his latest ver. and after updating my blog i could not get the add book page to post anything after a search, everything else seems to work fine. So after some searching I found your site and just updated to 4.4.5 and when i try to activate the plugin i get

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class nr_url in …/wp-content/plugins/now-reading/url.php on line 134

    any ideas how to fix this so I can get it working again?

    Thanks for any help!

  71. Kia says:

    Hi! Great plugin!

    I’m running a library blog. We are currently 10 librarians updating it. Each librarian have a account so that they can login into wordpress and create posts.

    Is it possible to modify this plugin so that each librarian can have their own "now reading" list? I’m not a WordPress programmer, but I’m familiar with PHP and MySQL. All I need is some info on what to modify to make this work.

    I’m assuming that the lists now are stored on a "per blog"-basis? I want to store "per account" instead since I dont think that several account should mix their list of books.

    Is this possible?

    • Ben says:

      I think it has some capacity for multi-user separation of content, but this plugin is sort of a “maintenance mode” project; I’m not actively adding new features to it. Check out the the original author’s documentation for it; if your answer’s not there, I probably won’t be much help to you.

      • Kia says:

        I didn’t know that there were a multiuser mode. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • Kia says:

        I think that there is a bug. I’ve checked this option: "Muliuser – If you have a multi-user blog, setting this option will enable you to specify which user is reading which book." But I’m not able to specify a username anywhere. Am I missing something?

      • Ben says:

        It’s possible this input was lost during the 2.7 redesign. I’ll look at it when I get some time (maybe next week?).

      • Mark says:

        Kia, I thought there was something messed up with that too when I first installed it. The "Multiuser" option doesn’t allow you to enter a user associated with the book, it tracks the logged in user who enters the book. Then, to have the readers name appear on the blog you have to do some other stuff (I don’t remember what off the top of my head, sorry). So, the way it works is (for example, my wife and I on our blog amymark.ewingsonline.com):

        I log in using my username "mark" and add a book under "Now Reading" – the book is then stored in the database with my username.

        My wife logs in using her username "amy" and adds a book under "Now Reading" – the book is then stored in the database with her username.

        I log in, later, and my list of books only includes books I’ve added – I cannot see, change or remove books that my wife has added, only mine.

        My wife logs in, same deal, she can only see her own books, not my books.

        Hope this helps.

  72. Jeroen says:

    Again, thanks for updating this great plugin. It works dandy except for one thing
    As other users I have the same problem with the sidebar being dumped below the page if you click on on an individual book. I know I should change something in the templates but I have no idea where to start. I am using the MistyLook theme. I tried it out with the classic wordpress theme, no problem there, so I understand the problem is with MistyLook. Can somebody please help me out here.

    I tried:
    “In the templates/single.php file, make sure that the is after the last

  73. Jeroen says:

    following from previous post:

    I tried:
    “In the templates/single.php file, make sure that the is after the last

  74. Jeroen says:

    okay so, that doesn’t work. Weird, my comments are getting cut off.

    Anyway, sorry to be such a newbie.
    Help is very much appreciated.
    This is what the page looks like:

  75. I guess it may be easier to share the code I have in single.php. :) Make sure the end of your template file looks like the following. You’ll notice that you just need to move one line—the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> line.

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>
  76. Jeroen says:

    @ Jonathan Blake
    Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but that didn’t help

  77. Honney says:

    How come I can’t add books? I keep getting the error, “The page you requested could not be found.” My library is located here:

    Thanks for the help.

  78. I’m curious if anyone is using Now Reading with the Thesis theme? I just switched to Thesis and like it a lot, but it’s a very complex theme and Now Reading is completely unworkable with it out of the box. Thesis theme structure is complex, and it seems that Now Reading and it don’t play well at all. Anyone?

    • Ben says:

      You’re the first person who’s mentioned the Thesis theme. My advice you be—and this goes for basically anyone having Library issues—is to make a copy of the page.php (or whatever it uses) template from your theme, put it side-by-side with a copy of the library template, and copy the latter’s important bits over. Even one misplaced <div> can hose everything up.

    • Ben says:

      By the way—$87 for a theme, and you still have to keep the developer’s footer links? Ouch!

  79. […] I came across A Modest Construct which has a post on Now Reading for WordPress 2.7+ this version actually works! I like how Helio has made adding a book manually always available. […]

  80. Chuck says:

    I downloaded and installed this plug-in recently. I was one of the people who was having trouble with the ‘Page not Found’ error.

    I dug into it a little bit and found the that web server was throwing a 406. A phrase in the URL where not allowed. For me it was ‘.images’ which is in all of the Amazon urls that the plugin tries to put in the DB.

    I ended up turning off Mod_Security in my htaccess file and now the plugin is running like a champ.

    I hope that helps.

  81. Lisa says:

    Thanks again for the program (I commented before.) I another question. I was wondering how to order alphabetically by title but ignore “the”, “a”, “an”, etc. Right now, “The Age of Innocence” is towards the bottom with the Ts but I would like it towards the top with the As. I notice that when I click on a tag, the list of books with that tag are ordered alphabetically but the “the”, etc is ignored. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  82. Kryz says:

    I downloaded and installed this plug-in recently. I’m using Sandbox Theme and widget is located at the bottom for this plug-in. I looked at others comments about it; the coding is already there and it didn’t work for me. =/ I’m guessing it didn’t work with the theme or something?

    ~ link

    • Kryz says:

      fixed what i stated above but got new error which say “Warning: preg_replace(): No ending delimiter ‘:’ found in /-editedpathurl-/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1261” and the line mentioned in formatting.php stated “$content = preg_replace($wp_smiliessearch, $wp_smiliesreplace, $content);” Any idea? It wasn’t able to show review of the book content and such.

  83. Has anyone attempted to implement paging in the library? I’m starting to add more books, and it doesn’t make sense to show all books on the library.php page. I’d like to implement paging, but am more than a bit worried about it. :-)

    Anyone done this yet?

  84. Lisa says:

    I have yet another question. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I was wondering if there was a way of displaying a tag list for the Now Reading Library so someone could basically browse the subjects and find books in that subject.

  85. ovidiu says:

    hi there.
    still using the old version of the plugin and am happy with it, but I have some “styling problems”.
    please have a look at my customization here: http://pacura.ru/library/ also check tag pages, author pages and single entries.
    My problem is I can’t find a way to format the permalink for the h2 title i.e. in the author pages, check the output: http://pacura.ru/library/karen-miller/ notice the link: Recently read books by and then the author name is missing there :-( here is the code that generated that page: http://pastebin.com/f253febfc

    see? I tried including $nr_author but it seems somethign is wrong because <a href="http://pacura.ru/library/<?php book_author_permalink(); ?>/" doesn’t work.

  86. Cy says:

    Strangely, since I upgraded to 4.4.5 Now Reading has stopped working again. I get the 404 error whenever I try to add or edit a book. Searching works fine, though. I also attempted to turn off mod_security, but unfortunately this did not solve my problem. Any fixes?

  87. ovidiu says:

    I posted a rather legthy comment here, last night, seems to have been caught as spam, would you mind checking? otherwise I’ll have to rewrite it all ;-(

  88. ovidiu says:

    thx Ben, doesn’t work. why would it? I doubt there is a function the_book_author, I copied the functions book_author_permalink and book_author from the original templates. I am sure I am just using it outside the loop but I know too little about code to fix this :-(

    I’d really want to display that information on the page like I am trying to…

    • Ben says:

      It works in my template, and I didn’t add or remove any functions…. here’s my author template:

      <?php get_header() ?>
      <div class="content">
      	<div id="content" class="now-reading primary narrowcolumn">
      	<div class="post">
      		<?php if( can_now_reading_admin() ) : ?>
      			<p>Admin: &raquo; <a href="<?php manage_library_url() ? rel="nofollow">">Manage Books</a></p>
      		<?php endif; ?>
      		<?php library_search_form() ?>
      		<p><a href="<?php library_url() ? rel="nofollow">">&larr; Back to library</a></p>
      		<h2>Books by <?php the_book_author() ?></h2>
      		<?php if( have_books("author={$GLOBALS['nr_author']}&num=-1") ) : ?>
      			<?php while( have_books("author={$GLOBALS['nr_author']}&num=-1") ) : the_book(); ?>
      					<p><a href="<?php book_permalink() ? rel="nofollow">"><img src="<?php book_image() ?>" alt="<?php book_title() ?>" /></a></p>
      					<p><?php book_title() ?></p>
      			<?php endwhile; ?>
      		<?php else : ?>
      			<p>There are no books by this author!</p>
      		<?php endif; ?>
      		<?php do_action('nr_footer'); ?>
      <?php get_sidebar() ?>
      <?php get_footer() ?>
  89. ovidiu says:

    hmmm… you are right, but that is just the way, most themes construct pages/posts…
    I guess I’ll have to do without it then, but nevertheless, the function is built-in I am just too stupid to use it :-(

  90. ovidiu says:

    there is still stuff wrong with that page. the H2 tag is missing, the page is based upon this template file: http://pastebin.com/f75d63722 se where it should generate the H2 tag?

    • Ben says:

      You mean the <h2><?php book_title() ?></h2> should result in <h2>Graceling</h2>? It does….

      • ovidiu says:

        not there :-( have a look at the source code of the page: its meant to be there where there is only an empty H2 tag, further up in the page :-(

      • Ben says:

        Ah, I see now. The information you’re trying to put inside the <h2> has to be inside the loop. So:

        <?php if( have_books(intval($nr_id)) ) : ?>
        			<?php while ( have_books(intval(nr_id)) ) : the_book(); ?>
        				<h2 class="post-title entry-title"><a href="<?php book_permalink(); ? rel="nofollow">" title="<?php book_title(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php book_title(); ?></a></h2>
        				<div class="entry-content entry">
        					// other stuff
        			<?php endwhile; ?>
        <?php else : ?>
        	<p>That book doesn't exist!</p>
        <?php endif; ?>
      • ovidiu says:

        thanks :-) that more or less solved everything. now I’ll just have to find the time needed to fiddle with these tempaltes and perfect them :-)

  91. Lutz says:

    thanks for the work you put into it. I downloaded your version of “Now Reading” and it works fine.
    Well but I have the same problem like some others who wrote here. The sidebar is moved when single.php or library.php is loaded. I already moved the get_sidebar after the last

    • Ben says:


      The stock template doesn’t jive with your theme. Compare the single.php and library.php pages to your stock page.php template and make sure the <div> tags match up.

      • Lutz says:

        Thanks for pushing me into the right direction. I already compared page.php and single.php but it didn’t worked untill now. Now it’s looking nice.
        Thanks again. :-)

  92. bbattersby says:

    I’m having the same problem as Christy — Error Adding Book.

    The search seems to go fine. Enabled the error log and this is what I got.

    raw XML:string(8) “raw XML:”
    string(21300) ”


    Then when I click on the Use This Result I get the error — Error Adding Book! and the search screen again.

  93. […] habe eine aktuellere Version von Now-Reading gefunden (Now Reading for WordPress 2.7+) und installiert. Diese Version funktioniert auch wunderbar und dank eines Hinweises von Ben […]

  94. ovidiu says:

    one more issue I just discovered: my library page: http://pacura.ru/library/ shows 70 book,s but if I go manage books, I see its actually 77 books. I already checked, all 77 are marked as read.
    here is the code that generates the numbers on the library page:


    overall; read in the last year; read in the last month;

    Last read books():
    there is nothing wrong with that code :-(

  95. Brian says:

    On my library page: http://blog.thelifeofbrian.info/library/

    The right sidebar is not being displayed in the correct position.

    I’ve found this problem and with your help (I thought?) corrected it before, but can’t find where it was discussed. I remember it was a simple one line fix which I had to apply to several template files… I honestly don’t remember the last time I updated the plugin, but I’m guessing I must have done so and the change was overwritten.

    Can you help? :)

    • Brian says:

      heh, one other question — I see in the template file that each book on that page is surrounded by li (list) tags, but it’s not showing up as a list on my page. Any idea why?

      Thanks for your help!!

      • Ben says:

        Well, for starters, your theme already has a <div id="content">, but the template is producing an extra one (<div class="now-reading primary narrowcolumn" id="content"</div>); that might have something to do with it.

        w.r.t. lists, your template is generating the unordered lists just fine. This because your theme has

        * { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style:none; text-decoration:none; }

        which eliminates the usual list style.

      • Brian says:

        ok… Can you tell me what I would need to do to fix it then? I tried changing the div id=”content” to “nr_content” with no change.

      • Ben says:

        Comparing the library markup to your colophon, my guess is this:

        Your library template currently has a structure like so:

        <div id="content">
             <div class="nr_content_class">
                  <div id="nr_content_div" class="now-reading primary narrowcolumn">
                       <!--stuff goes here-->

        Make it look like this (add id=left and class=entry):

        <div id="content">
             <div id="left" class="nr_content_class">
                  <div id="nr_content_div" class="entry now-reading primary narrowcolumn">
                       <!--stuff goes here-->
      • Brian says:

        **thank you**! That did the trick — and now the list items show correctly as well. :)

  96. ovidiu says:

    any idea about SEO? I mean I have the all in one seo pack plugin active, and all book/author/library pages, are treated as if its the homepage, so I cna’t use custom meta tags :-( only if I modify the templates, so the header isn’t dynamically generated I can manually include meta tags, but then AIO overrides my metas with its own ones :-(

    anyone with some info on SEO this now reading plugin?

  97. Brian says:

    Wow, I just realized version is available — I’ve got 4.4.5 installed. How can I be automatically notified when there are newer versions?

    • Brian says:

      What’s the recommended upgrade path? Disable the current version and just copy the files up? Or delete the previous plugin and install fresh?

      • Brian says:

        No worries about the ugprade. I just backed up the previous files by renaming the 4.4.5 directory, then uploaded the new one. Of course I had to re-tweak the library.php, and I’m sure there will be other tweaks I’ll find I’ve lost, but at least I have the previous files to look at.

        Any plans for:
        1) automatic notification of updates
        2) a way to modify templates, etc. in such a way that the modifications are not lost with an update?

      • ovidiu says:

        well, the instructions sa to copy all template files you modify into a folder: now-reading inside your active theme to keep them :-)

      • Ben says:


        As ovidiu said, you can make a folder inside your current theme called now-reading, and the plugin will prefer the templates in there to its own.

        As for updating, please see this recent post regarding the plugin’s future.

  98. Ross says:

    I have installed the latest version ( on my test/dev site running WP 2.8.1 beta 2 and K2 1.0 rc7 (build 798). The plugin installs fine and appears on the admin page. However, when I try to enter a couple of ISBN numbers I get the message that Amazon.com/.co.uk/.de cannot find the book with that ISBN number.
    Then, when I try to view some of the other pages – Now-Reading, Add A Book, Manage Books, Options – I get the following error: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” I have checked the ownership and permissions of the plugin folder – www-data and 777 – so I should definitely be able to access the page.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone got a solution?
    Thanks in anticipation

  99. Ross says:

    I have a few queries about this plugin (using 4.4.5 at the moment while I wait for to work with WP 2.8.1):

    First, on the plugin admin page there are four options under the Now-Reading heading – Now-Reading, Add a Book, Manage Books, Options. What is the difference between the Now-Reading and Add a Book admin pages? Is it necessary to have two identical pages?

    Second, how can I add another status option to my options? I’d like to add a “did not finish” option to the yet to read, currently reading, on hold and read options.

    Third, there are more books on my library page than there are in the admin panel Manage Books page. And the extra books that are on the library page are the ones missing cover images. Would that be as a result of upgrading NR? How can I update the entry to include the cover image?

    Thanks for your time…

    • Ben says:

      1. Does 4.4.5 work with 2.8.1? There shouldn’t be any changes between 4.5 and 4.6.x that broke the permissions…

      2. Right now, the book status is not extensible. In the short term, you’d need to hack at the plugin.

      3. To add a cover image, edit the book: there’s a field for a path to an image.

  100. Diane says:


    I have a request. Would it be possible to put the currently reading, yet to read and onhold books at the top of the books database? It would be great not have to page thru all the read books to get to the onhold books.


  101. Brian says:

    Well this morning is the first time I’ve tried to add a new book since upgrading to the latest version of Now Reading (

    When I search by ISBN here are the results I get:

    Sorry, but amazon.com did not return any results for the ISBN number 0061015733.

    Sorry, but amazon.com did not return any results for the ISBN number 9780061015731.

    And when I search by title I get this:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /home2/lookfou1/public_html/blog.thelifeofbrian.info/wp-content/plugins/now-reading/xml/IsterXmlNode.php on line 234

    If you go to Amazon.com and search for either of those ISBNs you’ll see they are valid…

    Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it? :)

    • ovidiu says:

      if you are on your own server edit php.ini and increase max memory size from 33554432 to i.e. 67108864 otherwise ask your hosting company to do that for you.

      • Brian says:

        A couple reactions:

        1) why would I need to change anything in my setup? I’ve had Now Reading installed for quite some time and it was working fine before the upgrade.
        2) which php.ini? It looks like there’s one in nearly every directory. I tried changing this line:
        memory_limit = 32M
        inside the php.ini at my blog level (/public_html/blog.thelifeofbrian.info) to 64M, but it had no effect.

        Thanks for your help

    • Ben says:

      I’m not sure what’s causing these errors, but I’m getting the “no results” error as well. Possibly something wrong with Amazon?

      When I have the time, I’ll try to go back and test against previous versions of the plugin to see if I broke anything.

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