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DaemonToolsDaemon Tools
License: Freeware
Description: Daemon Tools is a virtual CD/DVD ROM emulator. Essentially, it’s an imaginary drive to which one can mount disc images and use them as though they were actual discs. Similar in nature to Alcohol 120%, but, of course, free. I should note that the v4 series comes bundled with adware which you can deselect at installation. Beware.
Alcohol 52%Alcohol 52%
License: Freeware
Description: Alcohol 52% is the virtual drive component of Alcohol 120% (which includes an excellent burner). As of September 2006, there is a free version available with no limitations (it supports up to 31 virtual devices, just like the full version). The drawback is that it installs a toolbar for Internet Explorer; be sure to disable its installation. The advantage to choosing Alcohol 52% over Daemon Tools is that it includes shell integration by default.
Virtual CloneDriveVirtual CloneDrive
License: Freeware
Description: From SlySoft, the creators of such excellent (but non-free) programs as CloneDVD and AnyDVD, comes this small freeware virtual image drive, similar to Alcohol 52% or Daemon Tools, but without the frills. You can mount images by double-clicking; it supports up to 8 virtual drives. I do not know, however, if it supports x64 systems at this time.
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3 Comments to “Virtual Disc Utilities”

  1. Indrek says:

    I would also add LC ISOCreator to this list. It’s a nice little (24KB) that has just one function – creating ISOs. No installation needed. VERY very easy to use.

  2. german says:

    give a try to VirtualCloneDrive, it has very good Windows Vista support

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