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Media Player ClassicMedia Player Classic (Home Cinema)
License: Open Source
Description: Media Player Classic was a lightweight, standalone media player that resembled the 6.4 version of Windows Media Player. Development was halted in 2006, but two forks have emerged. The superior fork, which is under active development with new features, and which also has a native x64 binary, is Media Player Classic Home-Cinema. A bugfix fork of the original is also available, which offers stability fixes but few new features.
VideoLan ClientVideoLan Client
License: Open Source
Description: VideoLan is a small, versatile media player that can play a wide variety of formats, including stuff you’ve probably never even heard of, both video and audio, streaming and local. It uses its own included codecs to play all media, so external dependencies are never a problem. It’s also skinnable and includes a browser plugin (which I have not yet gotten to work).
KM PlayerKMPlayer
License: Freeware
Description: No relation to the KDE frontend for MPlayer, KM Player, or KMP, is a DirectShow-based player for Windows that supports a wide variety of formats. It’s skinnable and lightweight, and has some really nifty features. Its website is partly in Korean; it might be more efficacious for English speakers, then, to download it at Softpedia
License: Open Source
Description: MPlayer was originally just a media player for POSIX systems, but continuing in its mission to play on a wide variety of architectures and operating systems, it is being ported to Windows. A wide variety of Windows front-ends can be found here.
License: Open Source
Description: Miro (formerly Democracy Player) is a conglomeration of a bunch of different ideas: it’s a video player (VLC-based) with built-in bittorrent and RSS capabilities, essentially all tied together for the purpose of watching internet television.
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