rev. 11 June 2010

License: Open Source
Description: A full-featured FTP program that serves as an easy and free replacement for CuteFTP, FlashFXP, or Bulletproof FTP. A server version is also available.
License: Open Source
Description: WinSCP is a client used for SFTP and SCP file transfers. It will only work if you have SSH access; version 4 finally adds support for FTP transfers.
License: Freeware
Description: A simple version (but which includes SFTP support) is available for home use. This is a standard FTP client with a variety of features (though I prefer FileZilla).
License: Open Source
Description: FireFTP is a XUL-based extension for Mozilla Firefox. It supports FTP, but not SFTP. It is, however, fast and reliable, and a good option for someone who doesn’t want a standalone FTP client.
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2 Comments to “(S)FTP/SCP Utilities”

  1. Madhavi says:

    Please also consider: Thin SFTP applet and Thin FTP applet. They are both applets and they are both free for non commercial use.

  2. Derek says:

    I’ve been using SmartFTP for a good while now and I’ve only seen it get better in that time. What an amazing program.

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