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License: Open Source
Description: KeePass is an encrypted database for storing all your passwords so you don’t forget them. It uses AES-256 encryption on the database so it can’t be cracked. If you forget a password for a program or website, just open up KeePass, authenticate, and there it is.
Password SafePassword Safe
License: Open Source
Description: Password Safe is another encrypted password database. It’s perhaps more powerful or flexible than KeePass, but its interface leaves something to be desired.
License: Open Source
Description: TrueCrypt is an On-The-Fly-Encryption utility for both Windows and Linux. It can encrypt entire drives or create encrypted virtual drives with an incredible amount of security.
License: Open Source
Description: PuTTY is a standalone, open-source implementation of various OpenSSH tools for Windows. It requires no installation: you simply download the tiny binary and run it, and you have at your disposal an SSH client (there are other tools available). It’s a must-have for any Windows user’s toolkit if they ever have to access Linux systems.
License: Open Source
Description: AxCrypt is a bit like TrueCrypt, except it’s only for files. You encrypt a file with AxCrypt, either command line or frontend, and it gets a .axx extension. You then have to enter in the right password to decrypt it back to its normal state. It uses AES encryption, with 128-bit keys.
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