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LibreOffice LibreOffice
License: Open Source
Description: Don’t want to pay $150+ for Microsoft Office? LibreOffice is a free, multi-platform office suite, recently forked from OpenOffice, and much improved.
License: Open Source
Description: Scribus is a desktop publishing program, similar in nature to Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, or Quark Xpress, but rather than being an expensive commercial program, it’s a multi-platform, open-source program available free of charge.
AbiWord AbiWord
License: Open Source
Description: AbiWord is a small, fast, standalone word processor for a variety of platforms. It’s not an integrated solution like OpenOffice, but gets the job done, depending on your needs
Gnumeric Gnumeric
License: Open Source
Description: Gnumeric is a standalone spreadsheet application written for the Gnome desktop and ported to Windows. It is fast and accurate.
GanttProject GanttProject
License: Open Source
Description: This is customizable software that allows for easy creation of Gantt charts (scheduling charts, esp. for software writing).
License: Open Source
Description: Essentially the open-source competitor to Microsoft Visio, Dia allows the user to make organizational charts or diagrams of just about anything. This link is for the Windows version of Dia. The regular page can be found here.
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  1. chupathingyyy says:

    you forgot to mention kOffice for *nix systems

  2. Ben says:

    But this is a list of Windows software. Maybe if KOffice gets a Win32 port in its KDE4 lifespan.

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