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DirectConnect Clients

License: Open Source
Description: DC++ is an open-source version of Neo-Modus’s DirectConnect software. It works by connecting to “hubs” where one can search for music, movies, and software. Much safer than Kazaa or other popular P2Ps.
License: Open Source
Description: ApexDC++ is a derivative of the StrongDC++ modification of DC++. Basically, it’s got a bunch of extra features not present in the “official” DC++ client, so it’s perfect for those of you who like to get the most out of DirectConnect.

Gnutella Clients

License: Open Source
Description: Phex is a 2001 fork of the Furi client. It’s Java-based, but sports a somewhat cleaner interface than Frostwire.
License: Open Source
Description: A very popular client for accessing the decentralized Gnutella network. A bit like the old-school P2P programs (actually reminds me of iMesh more than anything else). Good for finding miscellaneous stuff, but not great for high quality or complete file sets.

Other Clients

License: Open Source
Description: Emule is a file-trading program compatible with the Bittorrent network.
License: Open Source
Description: Shareaza is a bit of an odd duck. It supports a boatload of different clients, including bittorrent, but often gets banned from trackers. Because it’s difficult to categorize, and because it’s probably of more use as a client for other networks, I’m including it in this nebulous section.
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7 Comments to “Miscellaneous P2P Programs”

  1. tot says:


    PowerFolder of course!

  2. The Ace Overlord says:

    Ares – Bearshare – Limewire
    all good software

  3. Ben says:

    Limewire is purposely not on the list, because its truly open-source brother, Frostwire, is much better.

    I still haven’t quite gotten to the point where Ares and Gnutella networks are adequately represented on this list.

  4. Austin Beam says:

    Try cabos for p2p, it seems to be very efficient for me and is very clean and basic. It uses the Gnutella network like limewire or these others. It is truly open source as well. It can be found at and though was originally written in japanese the program works perfectly in English.

  5. toz says:

    You wrote "Emule is a file-trading program compatible with the Bittorrent network." …
    That’s a mistake, eMule is compatible with ed2k and Kademlia protocols.

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