Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird
License: Open Source
Description: Based on the e-mail portion of the Mozilla suite, Thunderbird emulates (and soundly thrashes) the capabilities of programs like Eudora or, perhaps more common, Outlook (Express) with its security and downloadable themes/extensions. Available for a plethora of operating systems.
License: Open Source
Description: Sylpheed is an underappreciated, multi-platform e-mail application written with GTK+. It often gets overshadowed by Thunderbird, or by the Gnome desktop’s default mailing application, Evolution. Still, Sylpheed is a tight little program, and available for a variety of systems.
License: Open Source
Description: Evolution is Novell’s flagship e-mail application (GTK+) with support for a variety of protocols, including Groupwise servers. It is also the default e-mail application in the Gnome desktop. Until recently, it was only available on *nix platforms, but recently a project was started to port it to Windows, with the fabulous Tor Lillqvist (of GIMP for Windows fame) at the helm. The main link for this entry points to an unofficial installer put together by a third party. Your results may vary.
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4 Comments to “E-Mail Clients”

  1. zohar says:

    I’m not from that website, but I know that Email application and it’s free

  2. Dreammail

    This one is my personal favorite

  3. deadwing says:

    Courier 3.5 (formerly Calypso)

  4. Shrimp says:

    Why have you included a logo of Claws Mail, an email-client that started as a bleeding-edge version of Sylpheed? Do you recommend Sylpheed, Claws Mail or both?

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