License: Open Source
Description: I hardly need give this piece of software any introduction: MySQL is perhaps the most widely deployed FOSS database in the world. It’s available for a variety of platforms, in a variety of flavors. It is fast, extensible, and easy.
License: Open Source
Description: Although not as well known, many believe PostgreSQL to be a significantly more powerful database than MySQL. It is BSD-licensed and remarkably advanced.
License: Open Source
Description: The bastard child of the open-source databases, Firebird is an oft-overlooked choice. It isn’t the sort of tool you’d use for simple one-off jobs, but it is a powerful RDBMS with loads of features.

Database Tools

License: Open Source
Description: SQLyog is a Windows front-end to MySQL databases, allowing for easy browsing, configuring, and manipulation of data. In my experience, it’s been very fast (significantly faster than TOAD for MySQL), although its featureset is somewhat less.
Toad for MySQLToad for MySQL
License: Freeware
Description: Toad for MySQL is a .NET-based GUI for MySQL databases, free for non-commercial use. It’s a bit sluggish, but it’s got a very impressive feature set.
License: Open Source
Description: The canonical graphical administration tools for MySQL, made by its creators, MySQL GUI Tools are stable, reliable, and powerful. One notable drawback is that they are several distinct programs, rather than an all-in-one tool: this may or may not be a feature, depending on your needs.
Oracle SQL DeveloperOracle SQL Developer
License: Freeware
Description: Oracle’s SQL Developer, while it can theoretically handle many different kinds of database (anything with JDBC drivers), it’s really only indicated when using an Oracle database, as it provides a full-featured, free alternatives to expensive tools like TOAD for Oracle.
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