License Open Source
Description: Chandler is a modern retelling of the old Lotus Agenda, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and a really slick-looking calendar app.
License: Open Source
Description: Evolution is Novell’s flagship e-mail application (GTK+) that also includes integrated calendars. Until recently, it was only available on *nix platforms, but recently a project was started to port it to Windows, with the fabulous Tor Lillqvist (of GIMP for Windows fame) at the helm. The main link for this entry points to an unofficial installer put together by a third party. Your results may vary.
License: Open Source
Description: Sunbird is a broken out version of Mozilla’s calendar functionality. Like its partners Firefox and Thunderbird, Sunbird is written with XUL and features a remarkably similar interface.
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  1. Techigurl says:

    Equally powerful and worth mentioning is Lighting, the thunderbird extension. Which converts Thunderbird 2.0 into a very worthy replacement for the aging Outlook. and you can have 2-way access to google calendars using lightning too!

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