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Bittorrent Mainline ClientBittorrent Mainline Client
License: Open Source
Description: The original Bittorrent client as coded by Bram Cohen, available for a wide variety of platforms. After v5, it supports multitorrent windows and protocol encryption for compatibility reasons, but it’s still not very good.
License: Freeware
Description: This simple client has most of the features you’d find in bigger name clients like Azureus, but boasts an incredibly small footprint (less than 4MB of system memory, on average).
License: Open Source
Description: Previously only available for Linux, this relatively lightweight torrent client based on GTK and Python boasts an impressive number of features, including support for most major libtorrent functions.
AzureusAzureus: Java BitTorrent Client
License: Open Source
Description: This popular bittorrent client requires Sun’s Java runtime environment to work. It is extraordinarily powerful, but requires more resources (this has been relieved somewhat with Java 6 and Azureus 2.5.0.x)
License: Freeware
Description: Written in C++ rather than a scripting language like Azureus, G3, or ABC, this full-featured bittorrent application uses far less system resources at runtime. It is quite controversial, however, as the developer is something of a rogue. This client is often banned by private hubs.
License: Open Source
Description: At one time the most popular bittorrent client around, BitTornado’s popularity recently has waned due to its slow development, and thus slow adoption of new features. It also does not aggregate various downloads into a single window (ABC, which is based on the BitTornado core, does this). Python-based, and available for a variety of platforms.
License: Open Source
Description: Halite is a Windows-only client based on libtorrent (Rasterbar). A relatively young client, it still has quite a few features, including an attractive tabbed interface (similar to μTorrent), support for protocol encryption, DHT, and file selection. The program comes in a native x64 version.
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5 Comments to “Bittorrent Clients”

  1. The Ace Overlord says:

    don’t forget BitSpirit
    Second best in my opinion after uTorrent
    and great list !

  2. Ben says:

    I considered adding BitSpirit, but it tends to get banned a lot from trackers. Perhaps it deserves to be included anyway, if for no other reason than some people don’t give a damn about private trackers.

  3. Horizon says:

    Why are BitSpirit and BitComent banned frequently? What makes them so controversial?

  4. Ben says:

    My understanding is that BitComet has at several points in its history implemented features that don’t play well with others. It’s early implementation of DHT ignored private flags, for instance.

    BitSpirit (and BitLord) are derivatives of BitComet, so therefore they have the same problems.

    It could be that right now BitComet is fine, but of course you never know when the next ban is going to come.

  5. Horizon says:

    Gotcha. I only run Deluge anyways. uTorrent if I need to run Windows, but I’m pretty much all Linux these days.

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