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License: Freeware
Description: foobar2000 is a low-resource audio player that has native support for most audio formats (and easy plugins for all the rest). Customization is easy (to do, not to learn). This is what I use for an audio player.
License: Open-Source
Description: Another lightweight audio player that features an SQL database feature. It has an exceptionally clean interface, as well as a number of plugins for extended functionality. It’s based on the BASS audio library.
License: Freeware (paid version optional)
Description: WinAmp started off as a nifty MP3 player, back when MP3s were a relatively new thing. Since then, WinAmp’s parent company, NullSoft, has been acquired by AOL. Still and all, I continue to be very satisfied with the product, as it plays any audio you want, including MP3, FLAC, OGG, CDDA, AAC, SHN, and more. It also has video playback capability, but that particular interface is somewhat lacking is usability. Like Trillian, WinAmp has a Pro version, but its only added benefits are CD ripping and burning (and, as you will see, such things are better done elsewhere).
License: Open Source
Description: Songbird is a new media library manager and media player and music store frontend (think iTunes) based on the same technology that brought you Firefox and Thunderbird—namely, XULrunner. I think that Songbird is a little slow, and could benefit from a different interface, but it may be another killer app.
License: Freeware
Description: Songbird is a powerful audio player based on the BASS audio libraries; it also tags and manages your libraries. It’s got a very customizable interface (perhaps too customizable); it offers a lot of the same functionality as foobar2000 without the difficult scripting learning curve.
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5 Comments to “Audio Players”

  1. The Ace Overlord says:

    The KMPlayer
    Highly Recommended

  2. Ben says:

    KMPlayer is listed under video players because I see that as its primary purpose: most video players can double as audio players, but I consider decent tag support and at least cursory library support to be paramount for audio players.

  3. narco says:

    How about mediamonkey, many use it with eccellent results

  4. narco says:

    Well, you are right to do so.
    I tried it myself today and it is in my opinion no need to add it.
    The recommendation to try it came from a friend that is almost computer illiterate.
    By the way thank you for a great site, the text following each program makes this site something i recommend to people.

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