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avast!Avast! Antivirus
License: Freeware (registration required)
Description: Avast! Antivirus provides a freeware version of their client. I have not tested it for thoroughness or reliability, however. Also, the registration process to receive the free client is somewhat of a turnoff. The program itself comes highly recommended.
AVGAVG Antivirus
License: Freeware
Description: AVG Antivirus has a number of antivirus products ranging from expensive server software to this free home version. It has only a basic interface and no technical support, but the product and continued virius definition updates are free after registration. If you don’t feel like paying for Norton or (god help you) McAfee, this is the product for you.
AntiVirAntiVir Personal Edition Classic
License: Freeware (nag screen)
Description: AntiVir offers a Personal Edition of their antivirus solution free, for a variety of platforms. It often scores at the top of most detection tests, largely due to its advanced heuristic engine (i.e. suspicious file checking).
License: Freeware
Description: a-squared antivirus (and optionally firewall) is a relatively new offering whose detection rate is even above that of AntiVir.
License: Open Source
Description: ClamWin is a Windows frontend to the Clam antivirus engine. It does not provide realtime protection, but can scan files on demand.
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