SBC is a relatively old archiver with a focus on encryption (not tested). The author indicates that his informal testing showed a 10% improvement in compression times for the 64-bit compressor. Note that both an i386 and i586 compile are available; the version tested here is the i586 compile (meaning it received additional optimizations over the i386 that would be inherent to the 64-bit compile).

<< SBC Archiver 0.970 freeware!                 Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Sami >>
Usage: SBC <cmd> [-<switch>] <archive[.sbc]> [<file/wildcard> <fileN> -<swN>]
Macros for archive filename: %D=Day, %M=Month, %Y=Year, %L=Month in 3 letters
 c: Create archive                      l: List files in archive
 x: Extract archive                     i: Info about archive or file
 t: Test archive integrity              v: Test and verify archive content
<Switches> (% = may improve or impair compression, $ = increase/decr. Mem.use)
 m: Compression method [123] (%$)       c: Cipher/encrypt archive [abcdst]
  m1: Basic (fast)                       ca: AES/Rijndael  |  cd: Triple-DES
  m2: Improved (default, +2 MB mem.use)  cb: Blowfish      |  cs: Serpent
  m3: Advanced (slow, +32 MB mem.use)    cc: CAST-128      |  ct: Twofish
 b: Blocksize [1-63] (N+1) * 512 kB(%$) s: Secret encryption (use with -c[x])
  b1: 1 MB (mem.use: 6.0 MB)            o: Block structure [nfazs] (%)
  b5: 3 MB (mem.use: 18.0 MB, default)   on: Normal:        block per file
 a: Adaptive blocksize reduct. [dbf] (%) of: Partial-solid: sort by filename
  ad: Disabled (for homogeneous data)    oa: Partial-solid: analysis
  ab: Basic analysis                     oz: Partial-solid: analysis+name(def.)
  af: Basic analysis + fname.(default)   os: Solid:         force full blocks
 d: Disable internal disk cache ($)     ub: Uniform-block mode (%)
 h: Integrity:Verify[nrcasm12:nrcasm12] r: Recurse subdirectories
    checksums. The default is -hr:r     p: Pathname conversion [nr]
  hn: None/disabled  |  hr: CRC16        pn: No paths
  hc: CRC32          |  ha: Adler32      pr: Relative (default)
  hs: Sum32          |  hm: MD5         x: Exclude file(s) [<file/wildcard>]
  h1: SHA1           |  h2: SHA256      vc: Verify archive after creation
 t: Specify output path [<path>]        ic: Ignore checksum (verify) errors
 f: Filename conversion [cbaul]         ns: Do not suggest unsbc<ver> call
  fc: Compatible  |  fb: Basic          np: Do not prompt [<passph>] (insecure)
  fa: Autodetect (default)              u: Create multivolumes size of [n] kB
  fu: Force uppercase | fl: Lowercase    u1420: A floppy disk sized volumes
 v: Verbose (display filenames)         @: Read more args. From file [<file>@]
 y: Auto-answer yes to all queries       @@: Add switches from "sbc.cfg" file
Command 32-bit 64-bit Difference
Average -17.875%
sbc c -b63 -m1 339.473 287.541 -15.298%
sbc c -b63 -m2 376.663 318.476 -15.448%
sbc c -b63 -m3 809.847 624.550 -22.880%

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