QPress is a demo archiving program which serves as a proof-of-concept for the QuickLZ library by Lasse Reinhold. The compressor is geared toward speed rather than compression ratio, much like GZip but even faster.

qpress 0.39 - Copyright 2006-2010 Lasse Reinhold - www.quicklz.com
Using QuickLZ 1.4.1 BETA 3 compression library
Compiled for: [Windows] *nix    [x86/x64] RISC    32-bit [64-bit]
    qpress [-rcvfCBPLKT] <source file/dir search pattern> <destination file>
    <stdin> qpress [-cvfBPLKT] <filename to give stdin data> <destination file>
    qpress -d[cvfBPTn] <source file> <destination directory>
Benchmark and recovery:
    qpress -m[LT] <source file>
    qpress -R <corrupted compressed file> <destination directory>
    -d   Decompress
    -Ln  Set compression level to n where n = 1, 2 or 3 (default = 1)
    -r   Include sub directories during compression
    -v   Show progress information during compression and decompression
    -c   Write to stdout instead of destination file or directory
    -f   Overwrite existing files during compression and decompression (default
         is to abort)
    -C   Continue if a source file cannot be opened during compression (default
         is to abort)
    -Tn  Use n threads/cores where n = 1 to 256 (default = 2). Be aware of
         memory usage with large n
    -Kn  Read from disk in n KiB chunks during compression where n = 64 to
         32768 (default = 64). Be aware of memory usage with large n.
    -B   Windows only: Disable file system caching (FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING) to
         prevent cache of other applications from being be flushed. Keep
         enabled if files are small and need further processing.
    -Pn  Windows only: Set CPU and disk I/O priority to n where 1 = BACKGORUND
         (Vista, 7, 2008 only), 2 = IDLE, 3 = NORMAL and 4 = ABOVE (default = 3)
Command 32-bit 64-bit Difference
Average 3.619%
qpress -L1 8.580 9.843 14.720%
qpress -L2 14.476 14.664 1.299%
qpress -L3 40.201 38.126 -5.162%

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