GZip is a very fast compression format known especially on Posix systems, lightweight enough to be used as a real-time mechanism for compressing content served by Apache. The 32-bit compile comes from the GnuWin32 project, and the 64-bit compile comes from HardwareHacks. The version tested (1.2.4) is very old, but it was the only version available as a 64-bit compile.

gzip 1.2.4 (18 Aug 93)
usage: gzip [-acdfhlLnNrtvV19] [-S suffix] [file ...]
 -a --ascii       ascii text; convert end-of-lines using local conventions
 -c --stdout      write on standard output, keep original files unchanged
 -d --decompress  decompress
 -f --force       force overwrite of output file and compress links
 -h --help        give this help
 -l --list        list compressed file contents
 -L --license     display software license
 -n --no-name     do not save or restore the original name and time stamp
 -N --name        save or restore the original name and time stamp
 -q --quiet       suppress all warnings
 -r --recursive   operate recursively on directories
 -S .suf  --suffix .suf     use suffix .suf on compressed files
 -t --test        test compressed file integrity
 -v --verbose     verbose mode
 -V --version     display version number
 -1 --fast        compress faster
 -9 --best        compress better
 file...          files to (de)compress. If none given, use standard input.
Command 32-bit 64-bit Difference
Average -16.298%
gzip -1 39.421 28.064 -28.810%
gzip -5 65.177 56.222 -13.740%
gzip -9 96.377 90.262 -6.345%

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