I have providing some light maintenance development for Rob’s Now Reading plugin; since WordPress 2.7 wholly changed its interface, the plugin need some tweaking to make it work.

Up to this point, I’ve been hosting it locally, mostly picking at it whenever time allows.

I just updated it the other day to add a new feature (editable ASIN) and hopefully fix a recurring bug (CDATA error when searching).

In any case, I hope to make a push in the near future to clean it up and submit it the official WordPress plugin site so that its user can benefit from auto-update, etc. etc. My own much-atrophied skills as a PHP developer aside (I deal mostly with Java at work), I think that it will ultimately benefit everybody, assuming I can make it so that the updates don’t override custom templates (perhaps giving preference to Now Reading template files in the theme folder?).

Stay tuned. The plugin is now here.

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15 Comments to “Now Reading news”

  1. Anne says:

    Very nice. I’ve been using this plugin for a while now. I’ve downloaded your update and will install it soon. I’d offer my help, but my PHP skills are relegated to knowing how to make a WP theme! If you ever need some CSS/HTML skills, let me know. Thank you for your efforts!

  2. Fips says:

    Great work keeping this project alive, and congratulations on getting it accepted on the plugin directory. If I could write a line of code worth a sausage, I’d offer to help, but since that isn’t the case, I’ll just cast my vote and promise to post my bug reports!

  3. Zeb Frye says:

    I do some PHP work. I already made a way to make the plugin save a small copy of each book image to a local folder so that your images don’t disappear when Amazon updates their books to avoid hotlinking.

  4. Zeb Frye says:

    Let me know if you have the same problem and I’ll send you the code. Thanks for extending the plugin.

  5. Thanks for keeping this plugin alive. I would suggest one modification, allow users to select what gets displayed by the widget.
    Right now, it displays all the books planned, currently reading and those read. For my site, I want to show only what I am currently reading.
    I fix this by removing the Planned and Previously read pieces, but it would be great if that was an option in the widget itself.


  6. Abey John says:

    Thanks for upgrading the plugin, this is great!
    I was wondering if you could please direct me on how I could make this plugin option available in the admin panel for users with the role of ‘Editor’ as well. I’m fairly new to wordpress, and I can’t figure out if the change needs to be made on the php pages or in the _options table. Any kinda hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  7. Kaitlin says:

    Thanks so much for your work on this plugin! I have (yet another) question that I hope you (or a fellow user) might be able to help with. I’d like to keep the sidebar in my theme on my library pages, but disable the Now-Reading widget on the library pages. I read Justin Tadlock’s instructions on using the theme’s functions.php file to disable widgets but am still a bit confused how I might do this for the Now-Reading widget, and only on the library pages. I don’t know if it’s best to do it in my theme functions.php file or to make the change in the template that I am using for NR, but any help anyone can provide would be most welcome!

    • Ben says:

      I haven’t fully test this, but you may want to try something like the following: in your sidebar.php template file, wrap the applicable markup in this:

      	<?php if ( get_query_var('now_reading_library') ) {
      		  usual markup goes here

      The templating system also uses now_reading_id and now_reading_tag and now_reading_search as query vars, so depending on which templates need to hide the sidebar portion, you’ll perhaps need to OR together the possibilities.

      • Kaitlin says:

        oh, fabulous! I will test that out, but it puts me on the right track, I think, to have finer control over what is displaying in the sidebar with respect to the plugin. Thanks!

  8. Don says:

    Love the plugin, which I just installed, but upon installing it, my library page is not working? Books show in sidebar and I can add/edit books in dashboard but if I click on the links to go to the library it doesn’t work. (http://www.tdbellenterprises.com/dbblog). I have copied the template files to the right place, etc. At a loss!?