Big bucks are pouring in to the tea party movement [tax protests —Ed]. Fox News reports that organizers are making a fortune in merchandise sales — the online store for the Tax Day Tea Party website has already lodged over $48,000 in sales, according to tea partier Eric Odom. […]

As [a rabble-rousing man’s] speech winds down, he exhorts his listeners to get their kids “the hell out of college. They’re brainwashing ’em!”

The anti-school message resonates with one woman.

“Burn the books!” she yells from off-camera. The surprised camera man asks if she’s serious, and which books she’d burn. “The ones in college, the brainwashing books, like the evolution crap.”

If you’re going to ape the historical importance of the Boston Tea Party in your protest against government spending, you probably should downplay the loons exhorting book burnings. This video is a freaking Two-Minute Hate, for goodness sake.

I have no problem at all with coordinated protest against government actions you disagree with—I encourage it, in fact, healthy dissent being the foundation of democracy and all that. But you’d do well to remember that even though your stated goal may be one thing (i.e. protesting foolishly high government spending), it’s probably harmful to your platform if these protests turn into pitchfork-waving demagoguery by the mouth-breathing imbeciles who make up your “base.” In fairness, my side has batshit-crazy P.E.T.A. activists and hippies and loudmouthed movie stars, among others. But, thank Jebus, nobody calling for book burnings.

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  1. Conor says:

    Is there a word for “profound lack of irony”? Because conservatives protesting government spending by starting a movement for which they can sell merchandise should be listed as an example in any dictionary that defines it.

    On the subject of PETA nuts, I recently commented to one before he could open his mouth (he was canvassing), “You know, people are gonna think you’re a real nutjob, walking around in a PETA shirt like that.” Obviously things got fun quickly, but basically the only thing I wanted to say to him was that in a society like ours, I’m honestly far more concerned with how humans treat humans. It’s my belief that if we focus on how humans treat humans, how humans treat animals will improve, too.

    As for people trying to burn books, that does still manage to stupefy me. I need to think over a viable response to that, because really I’m just so stunned at ever hearing it suggested seriously that I’m at a loss for words every time.

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