The “Impending tryptophan” edition

  1. Liquid Tension Experiment – [Liquid Tension Experiment #11] Three Minute Warning Pt. III
  2. Paatos – [Silence Of Another Kind #06] Procession Of Fools
  3. The Flower Kings – [Unfold The Future CD1 #01] The Truth Will Set You Free
  4. Insomnium – [Above the weeping world #07] Last statement
  5. Foo Fighters – [In Your Honour CD2 #10] Razor
  6. Blindside – [A Thought Crushed My Mind #11] Nothing But Skin
  7. The Tea Party – [Seven Circles #03] One Step Closer Away
  8. Kayo Dot – [Choirs Of The Eye #02] A Pitcher Of Summer
  9. In Flames – [The Jester Race / Black Ash Inheritance #11] Goliaths Disarm Their Davids
  10. Anton Bruckner – [Symphonie Nr. 7 / Te Deum CD2 #07] Te Deum – IV – Salvum fac. Mooderato – Allegro moderato
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1 Comment to “Friday Random Ten CLXXIII”

  1. Conor says:

    This one brought up an issue very close to my heart: you use redundant tags in your classical music. I still can’t choose a side on this matter. I have a massive blog post on this as a draft, unfinished because I couldn’t find resolution.

    Also, regarding the In Flames track, I typically break up reissues, tagging them as their original two (or more) releases. Thus "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" would be on the Black-Ash Inheritance EP. (And yes, I include "EP" in the album title for some reason.)

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