The “Reminders of impending unclehood” edition.

Friday Random Ten

  1. The Tea Party – [TRIPtych #09] Taking Me Away
  2. Havergal Brian – [Symphony No. 1 “Gothic” CD2 #21] VI. Te ergo quaesumus
  3. Mogwai – [Come on Die Young #10] Chocky
  4. Stars – [In Our Bedroom After The War #09] Window Bird
  5. Esmerine – [If Only A Sweet Surrender To The Nights To Come Be True #02] There were no footprints in the dust behind them…
  6. Explosions in the Sky – [All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone #04] What Do You Go Home To? (Mountains Mix)
  7. Incubus – [Make Yourself #09] Clean
  8. Everon – [Fantasma #03] Fine With Me
  9. Nine Inch Nails – [Ghosts I-IV CD2 #08] Ghosts III
  10. From Monument To Masses – [The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps #04] The Spice Must Flow

You could never offend:

  • Pandagon (“Crazy” is a perfect song for a mention of Dr. Laura. Short of a song “obnoxious, nauseating wretch of a human being”)
  • Jill @ Feministe (I wish I could globetrot. Or I would, if I wasn’t a homebody.)
  • Hugo Schwyzer (You can’t listen to Billy Joel and not get nostalgic. I think it’s an immutable law of the universe.)
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