This plugin’s functionality is now largely integrated into WordPress Core. It is neither maintained nor supported.

My Post Classes plugin from yesterday has morphed into the much fuller Semantic Classes plugin. For a full description/documentation, see its project page.

In brief, the plugin is a combination of modified code from Scott Wallick’s Sandbox and some coding of my own. It seeks to bring Sandbox’s wonderful semantic class generation into plugin form, where it can be easily included in other themes by means of a template tag.

As of v0.2, it provides the following functions:

Return a post’s categories with a modifiable prefix
Return a post’s tags with a modifiable prefix
Return a post’s author with a modifiable prefix
Return a post’s date elements (year, month, day, hour) with modifiable prefixes
Return a body’s type(s); e.g. ‘single’ or ‘archive’ or ‘home’
Return a body’s date elements with modifiable prefixes; associated dates for entries with date data (see documentation) and current date for searches, home, etc.
Return a comment’s metadata; e.g. differentiate site users, post author
Return a comment’s date elements with modifiable prefixes
Return an ‘alt’ class for alternating comments

If you’re interested, give it a whirl. I’m no experienced plugin writer, but I’m pretty pleased with this.

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