A month late, sure, but better late than never…

Some of you remember that I joined the 9Rules network a while ago. At the beginning of October, 9Rules members got an e-mail advertising a new membership agreement.

After talking it out in Clubhouse, we made participating either in the private member area or my.9rules a requirement, part of the membership agreement. This goes back to the 9rules core because that is the way it used to be except members naturally interacted with one another so a requirement was not necessary […]

If you feel you are contributing by your entries being shown only, 9rules is no longer a good fit for you, decline the agreement (or do not respond), please remove the leaf from your site and we will remove your site from displaying on 9rules.

I was in the middle of a move at the time, and the news underwhelmed me. Clearly, I thought, I haven’t even had the time to blog very much lately, much less blog and start arbitrarily posting in a forum. So, though it seemed a shame, I ignored the e-mail and passed quietly from the 9Rules world.

When I redesigned my site, I began thinking more heavily about the little leaf I was excluding, and became a little more irritated at the whole thing. A couple of years ago, 9Rules was a “Who’s Who” of the blogging world. It highlighted the best designs and the best content. It didn’t ask for anything else. This is partly why I joined it.

And perhaps it was my generation that finally changed things. Mandatory forum posting? Really? When did 9Rules become a glorified social network? Wasn’t it all about driving users to good content?

Apparently, I’m not the only one who was peeved, as there seems to have been a mass exodus of really excellent blogs in response to the revised membership agreement.

9Rules is, of course, free to do as it wants. If this is the direction that it wants wants go, more power to it. But it’s a different 9Rules than the one I joined (or thought I did), and I’m feeling better every day about my decision to leave.

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5 Comments to “Leaving 9Rules”

  1. Avinash says:

    I’m shocked to read this. I started liking 9rules back in 2006 ’cause I always thought it’s a no-evil type of blog network that’s doing a really good job by collecting the gems of the blogging world. I used to think this because almost every 9rules member blog that I visited was full of ‘quality’. How can they afford losing so many experts?

    Anyway, what really matters is the content, not their leaf. I’m glad that I discovered this and other wonderful 9rules blog.

  2. Ben says:

    It’s a contentious issue. Despite their repeated claims to the contrary, the current 9Rules is not the 9Rules of two years ago. Whether it’s changed for the better or worse is a matter of debate. Regardless, I think they’ve placed a great deal more emphasis on in-house social networking and less on content showcases.

  3. Scott says:

    Just stumbled across your post via Mint stats … couldn’t agree more with the reasons you gave for exiting. I sometimes miss being part of something bigger, but also realize that the leaf doesn’t mean the same thing anymore (at least what I perceived it to represent). And honestly, leaving the network was also an important reminder that my blog’s content (and staying true to it’s purpose) is what matters. Sadly, both the 9rules triumvirate and those who left can probably agree with that last statement, but between how things were handled and human pride the fallout was inevitable.

  4. Joe Gajda says:

    I don’t miss 9rules one bit. There was a time when I was proud to be part of the network because it was about sharing, learning, and respect for fellow members. While I cannot comment on things took place in the clubhouse/clique, I can state that the tone of the group took a very distasteful turn over the summer. I don’t regret my decision to leave one bit.

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