The “autonomy is extraordinarily complicated” edition.

Friday Random Ten

  1. Guster – [Ganging Up On the Sun #03] Manifest Destiny
  2. Mono & World’s end girlfriend – [Palmless prayer-Mass murder refrain #05] Palmless prayer-Mass murder refrain – 5
  3. Leaves – [The Angela Test #01] Shakma (Drunken Starlit Sky)
  4. Nick Drake – [Five Leaves Left #03] Three Hours
  5. Ben Christophers – [The Spaces Between #02] Good Day For The Hopeless
  6. Nine Inch Nails – [The Fragile CD1 #09] Pilgrimage
  7. Avenged Sevenfold – [Waking the Fallen #01] Waking the Fallen
  8. The Bad Plus – [Prog #05] Giant
  9. Ulver – [Shadows of the Sun #01] Eos
  10. Beirut – [The Flying Club Cup #13] Untitled

The sun is far away; it goes in circles:

  • Jill @ Feministe (I am consistently compelled to sing(shout) along with Cave’s Supernaturally)
  • The Smedley Log (You ever notice how bands with names in the format of “[Person] and the [something]s” always have really cool names?)
  • Ratlands (President Bush? Is that you?)
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5 Comments to “Friday Random Ten CXXX”

  1. Rusty says:

    iLove Pilgrimmage so much.

  2. Horizon says:

    Entirely unrelated, but as you seldom post on updated themes, I am forced to comment here: I love the new design!

  3. Ben says:

    I used to comment on new themes, but the problem with the whole “separation of content from design” paradigm is that anyone who reads this later won’t have the faintest idea what we’re talking about.

    Perhaps a screenshot is in order. Well, maybe after I finish tweaking it: IE7 still does funny gamma stuff with some of the PNGs, the code isn’t optimized at all (I have way too many requests per page), and there are a few other features I’d like to add in.

    Back to the point, however, thank you: it’s my first purely original theme in a while now.

  4. […] I said in a previous comment, the problem with having content about a new theme is that it won’t be […]

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