Well, one way to get me to switch to Linux is for Windows to refuse to install on my new machine.

Vista, even though can clearly see all of my hard drives, says “Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its requirements.” The hell? OK, to Google we go. The possibilities are:

  1. There’s a USB device higher in the boot order. Nope, there’s no USB device in my boot order at all.
  2. You don’t have the correct drivers. Nope, not only are they integrated with vLite, but I also put the drivers (regular and F6) on a thumbdrive and tried lodaing them.
  3. The active flag on the partition isn’t set. Nope, I used a boot CD and set the partition correctly.

And various other things. Nothing seems to work. But the more I read, I less I even want to put Vista on my new machine: there’s no easy and reliable way to slipstream hotfixes yet, and I read that unless I have a particular hotfix for Vista x64, I won’t be able to boot the damn thing with 4GB of RAM.

So screw it. Kiss my ass, Microsoft. Hello, Ubuntu.

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  1. rob says:



  2. Ben says:

    The damned thing is, I want to install Windows. I like having it around. You would think that a product which is sold for profit would try its damnedest to make sure it installs on whatever hardware I have.

    And yet, no.

  3. Horizon says:

    Could you just install XP instead? I had Vista on my laptop and I reformatted to XP because Vista was too buggy still. Apparently it’s gotten a lot better, but I’m going to wait til a service pack hits for it, I think.

    What’ll really piss you off, though, is when Vista installs under a virtual machine in Ubuntu. :P

  4. Ben says:

    I finally managed to get Vista x64 installed, but it’s such a horribly convoluted process that it makes me wonder how MS makes money at all.

    I had to

    1. Remove 2GB of RAM (leaving 2GB)
    2. Disable all drives but my system drive.
    3. Use a very lightly modded install disc (integrated drivers = blue screen, so I basically just preentered information and turned off UAC with vLite)
    4. Once booted, immediately run Windows Update
    5. Find and run the hotfix K929777, which is the actual fix for the “Vista x64 can’t even boot with 4GB of memory installed” problem, because it didn’t show up in Windows Update.
    6. Power down. Put memory back in.
    7. Boot up again. Verify that all memory is seen. Install nVidia graphics drivers
    8. Go back into BIOS and re-enable all my other hard drives
    9. Boot back in Vista. Install drivers for all the new devices that it just recognized.
    10. Here I am.

  5. Horizon says:

    Wow. :\ That’s just… wow. :|

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