The “Holy hell, that’s a lot of Emperor” edition

Friday Random Ten

  1. Emperor • Grey
  2. Emperor • The Source of Icon E
  3. Ben Christophers • Where the Road Bends
  4. Ermine • Motel
  5. Embodyment • Cruise Control
  6. Grails • Smokey Room
  7. Tin Hat Trio • March of the Smallest Feet
  8. Emperor • Of Blindness and Subsequent Seers
  9. Silverchair • Leave Me Out
  10. Cave In • Innuendo and Out the Other

Write a letter to yourself about yourself:

  • Faux Real, Tho (good kids are wonderful things)
  • The Smedley Log (After this week’s FRT, I too know something about repetition)
  • Winter Spring Summer (Vista = Garbage, but A-Ha = Win!)
  • The BM Rant (I still remember the first time I ever heard Kid A—that was a hell of a thing)
  • ThirtyDinosaur (I’ve never been able to get into Johnny Cash—though goodness knows I’ve tried)
  • Apartment 2024 (Sarah McLachlan is one of my secret vices)
  • Educe Me (You and I are in the same end-of-college boat)
  • Feministe (I’d just like to point out that Justin Timberlake has no business being in the same list as Nick Cave)
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