The “It’s Jesus, lol” edition

Friday Random Ten

Its Jesus, lol

  1. Rufus Wainwright • Imaginary Love
  2. Sufjan Stevens • What Child is This Anyway?
  3. God is an Astronaut • Coda
  4. Feist • Intuition
  5. The Black Watch • Tatterdemalion
  6. Finger Eleven • Temporary Arms
  7. A Northern Chorus • Subjects & Matter
  8. Mogwai • Angels versus Aliens
  9. Enslaved • RUUN
  10. Amorphis • Tuonela

I’ll reap the crops of Tuonela:

  • Faux Real, Tho (so rarely am I speechless, and yet….)
  • The Smedley Log (Is it me, or does “Vigilantes of Love” sound like a parody name?)
  • Apartment 2024 (Despite the Crushing Weight of Gravity = best album title I’ve heard in a long time)
  • Freakapotimus (they should know better than to put an apostrophe in Finnegans Wake
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5 Comments to “Friday Random Ten CXI”

  1. Friday Random Ten: Friday is Good Edition…

    You know what day it is! Time to put your digital music player on shuffle (iPod this week), click play, and list the first ten songs that show up. You must resist the temptation to click past the bad or embarrassing songs.

    “Girls & Boys&#822…

  2. Marisa says:

    The best part of that album title is if you put it together with her name, you realize that it makes a full, clever sentence.
    Despite the crushing weight of gravity, Raina rose.

  3. […] speakers of this silly slang: Andrea (apparently, it’s a mozzer kind of week in FRT land) Ben (that’s my kinda Jesus) Brian (where jellyfish go, to get away from mormons & drunk […]

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