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Friday Random Ten

Friday Random Ten

  1. Ben Christophers • Remote Control
  2. No-man • You Grow More Beautiful
  3. The Tea Party • Samsara
  4. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead • Sunken Dreams
  5. The Ascent of Everest • Molotov
  6. The Gathering • Saturnine
  7. Cave In • Anchor
  8. Iron Maiden • Paschendale
  9. Enslaved • The Dead Stare
  10. Blind Guardian • And Then There Was Silence

Revenge will be taken by Rome:

  • Faux Real, Tho (The PJ Harvey song makes me think back to when Ellen Degeneres came out)
  • The Smedley Log (Bellybutton wasn’t nearly as good as Spilt Milk, but this song is possibly the catchiest song from that album)
  • Apartment 2024 (Wouldn’t it have been just perfect if your list had included Barenaked Ladies’ “Be My Yoko Ono”?)
  • Jill @ Feministe (Spoon = Win)
  • Winter Spring Summer (I had to fill out a jury duty eligibility report recently, so now I’m just waiting for a notification in the mail)
  • Educe Me (Ah, some pre-Grey’s Anatomy Regina Spektor)
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