The “It’s been a slow week for posting” edition.

Friday Random Ten

  1. Katatonia • Walking By a Wire
  2. Thicke • Flowers in Bloom
  3. A Hawk and a Hacksaw • Oporto
  4. Spoon • Sister Jack
  5. Isis • Wills Dissolve
  6. System of a Down • Streamline
  7. Comity • Untitled 6 [As Everything is a Tragedy]
  8. A Northern Chorus • And Still She Sleeps
  9. Wolfmother • Woman
  10. Rachel’s • Anytime Soon

Always on the outside always looking in:

  • The Smedley Log (it doesn’t matter how many Tom Petty songs I hear: they all make me think of “Last Dance with Mary Jane” and that creepy video)
  • Jill @ Feministe (Crazy mix as always)
  • The Sam and Beckyboo Show (again with the Tom Petty—although “Free Falling” is maybe the one exception to the rule)
  • Winter Spring Summer (I was so disappointed when Black Holes and Revelations sucked, because Absolution was fantastic)
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6 Comments to “Friday Random Ten CVI”

  1. Andy says:

    I bought Wolfmother’s CD for $7.99. Good thing it was so cheap, because it grew tiresome quickly. Should have stuck with Zoso.

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  3. Ben says:

    That doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t have you pegged as the type to like stoner rock.

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