The “Upgraded to FLAC 1.1.4” edition

Friday Random Ten

  1. Sondre Lerche • Things You Call Fate
  2. Six Organs of Admittance • This Hand
  3. Tristania • Lethean River
  4. Sparta • Without a Word
  5. Do Make Say Think • Le’espalace
  6. Stars of the Lid • Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
  7. Änglagård • Ifran Klarhet Till Klarhet
  8. Leaves • Should Have Seen it All
  9. Don Caballero • Palm Trees in the Fecking Bahamas
  10. Katatonia • Journey Through Pressure

Funny semi-related story: My junior year of high school, I played “Lethean River” for my cringing English class (which was nothing compared to playing Opeth’s “April Ethereal” for my sophomore English class). Mark, if you happen to be reading this: I believe you tried at the time to convince me that Eddie Vedder also growled, and I am still miffed that we never continued that debate the following Monday.

Streams of argentine across eyelids are drawn:

  • The Smedley Log (“Back 2 Good” is a really great song, perhaps my favorite from the album, but it always makes me kind of sad for some reason)
  • Winter Spring Summer (Equally baffled by some of the entries on this list)
  • Freakapotimus (Remember with a mix of fondness and horror the days when I listened to Korn)
  • Faux Real, Tho (Seeing “Did I Step On Your Trumpet” performed live was interesting, to say the least)
  • The Sam and Beckyboo Show (Reminds me of Bleu’s “Searching for the Satellites”)
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  2. Friday Random Ten: Tax Refund Edition…

    You know what day it is! Time to put your digital music player on shuffle (iPod this week), click play, and list the first ten songs that show up. You must resist the temptation to click past the bad or embarrassing songs.

    “Blind” (Korn)

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