The “pathetically little posting this week” edition.

Friday Random Ten

  1. Anekdoten • Sad Rain
  2. Anekdoten • Hole
  3. Explosions in the Sky • So Long Lonesome
  4. Comity • Untitled 74 (As Everything is a Tragedy)
  5. Van der Graaf Generator • Killer
  6. Rachel’s • Kentucky Nocturne
  7. Symphony X • On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue)
  8. Comity • Untitled 97 (As Everything is a Tragedy)
  9. Opeth • Under the Weeping Moon
  10. Camera Obscura • Teenager

I am the watcher in the skies

  • Rusty’s Kingdom (I see I’m not the only one who managed to get several songs by the same artist)
  • Winter Spring Summer (I am reminded of the TMBG albums my coworker used to play every day)
  • The Sam and Beckyboo Show (Tori Amos’ best album is still Under the Pink, in my humble estimation)
  • The Smedley Log (I saw that Dave Matthews turned 40 just the other day. How sad is it that the frontman of the iconic college band of the 90s is now middle-aged?)
  • Faux Real, Tho (Every song title here makes me think of other songs)
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7 Comments to “Friday Random Ten XCIX”

  1. rob says:

    Email me ( please and I will send you the 52-in-52 plugin!

    Also, what do you use to write your papers (e.g. this)? They look all pretty, like.

  2. Ellen says:

    re: Tori – I like Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink the best and like the others but not as deeply familiar.

    PS – I’ve been going thru a “pathetic postings” thing myself lately…

  3. Andy says:

    Not that this is the correct forum, but I eagerly anticipate your review of World War Z, since it is so rare that you and I read the same book, at least in such temporal proximity. ‘Tis a very metaphorical work.

  4. Ben says:

    Ha, I just posted it about 10 minutes after you commented. I understood the levels on which it worked, but in some ways I thought it was sloppy. I couldn’t review it in as much depths as I would like, as doing so would give too much away. But it’s there.

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