The “first of the year” edition

Friday Random Ten

  1. Cave In • Youth Overrided
  2. Zao • Alive is Dead
  3. No-man • Angel gets caught in the beauty trap
  4. Tool • Pushit
  5. Frou Frou • Pyschobabble
  6. Ulver • Capitel V: Bergtatt – ind i Fjeldkamrene
  7. Rachel’s • An Evening of Long Goodbyes
  8. Old Man Gloom • Clenched Tight in the Fist of God
  9. Radiohead • Knives Out
  10. Anja Garbarek • The Cabinet

I’m lying as far out towards the edge as possible

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3 Comments to “Friday Random Ten XCVIII”

  1. Ellen says:

    I need to give the frou-frou a listen sometime – that was Imogen’s old group, I think (???)

  2. Ben says:

    Well, it was never really a group—more of a one-off collaboration. Heap, after all, put out a solo album in ’98, and then just recently as well. Frou Frou was basically just she and Guy Sigsworth messing around with electronica.

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