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In the grand tradition of the war profiteers of old, there are shysters peddling a commemorative coin that you need (possibly several of them), or else you’re going to forget all about September 11, and then the terrorists truly have won.

They have an animated image that has to be on of my favorite things of all time, perhaps the most poignant juxtaposition of jingoism and swine-like consumerism I’ve ever seen.

Never Forget, Order Below

Never mind that the product itself is probably a cheap knock-off (“.999 pure silver recovered from Ground Zero”? Bullshit!); never mind the fact that it’s a goddamn popup coin; consider, for a second, how absurdly crass you would have to be to offer a product like this, in this fashion.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the National Collectors Mint, which makes this particular product, has as its Director one Barry Goldwater, Jr., the son of the late Republican senator and presidential candidate?

Hit tip: Lauren

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  1. S4R says:

    It’s only missing, “4 Easy Payments!”

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