I agree with zuzu.

Bill Clinton with a group of bloggersBefore you click over and read what zuzu has to say (which also gives more of a context to this particular argument), take a look at this picture, specifically the brunette standing directly in front of Bill Clinton.

If you said to yourself, “You can totally tell by the way she’s standing that she’s a slut and a shame to feminism,” then perhaps you’d be better off reading Ann Althouse’s blog. Because Althouse, a law professor and soi-disant feminist, seems to think that the lady in question, Jessica of Feministing, was somehow Lewinskyish in her ‘posing’ for the camera.

Really, Ann? Does it really hurt your brain to think that someone would want to look good in a photograph with a former president of the United States? Is her three-quarter-turn really on par with Playboy poses? Should she have instead gone unshaven and rumpled, slouching towards the back, because you think that feminism has to be the diametric opposite of culture’s expectations?

Maybe I’m just biased by common sense, but looking at that picture, you know what I see? A group of people posing for the camera. Including a feminist turned so as not to completely block the president behind her.

You know what I see when I read Ann Althouse’s diatribe? The real shame to feminism.

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  1. belledame222 says:

    Sums it up.

    I swear to fuck, though, it’s like: every time I turn around, every time I SAY all right already, ENOUGH with the goddam feminist (and I use the term loosely) wars, this just gets dumber and dumber and more and more reactionary and nasty and witless and lame every time I…

    well. DONE.

    …and then i swear it’s like there is NO WAY to avoid it, SOMEONE i’m reading points out this EVEN MORE EGREGIOUS THAN THE LAST example of a “feminist” playing, in the words of another blogger,


    …and calling it feminist, daring, deeply Important (and at the same time just a game, lighten up already!) and even (choke) RADICAL.

    gag me with a phallic symbol already.

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