I blog this afternoon from a comfy chair in the Dively Center at Case Western.

I hope I am not beginning a trend for this trip wherein some disaster awaits me ever morning. Though my back is considerably better—it only hurts, and less so, when I breath or move to extreme degrees—but my entire neck was stiff and sore, and I had a bitching headache. It felt like I had been biting down in my sleep, and there really wasn’t a single part of my head that didn’t hurt. As often accompanies my headaches, my stomach was a little hollow center, a precursor to nausea. I showered and didn’t feel better, only tired. I ate an apple and drank a bottle of water with my vitamin. I begged some ibuprofen from a companion. I still felt like shit.

I could barely even touch the coffee and muffin at the meet&greet at the Dively Center, taking a few sips and a few bites and slumping down in my chair while the rest of my group talked about portals and databases.

The first session, which started at 8am, was a couple of the University of Montana’s lead programmers talking about Web 2.0, and more specifically, how they leveraged AJAX (specifically, DWR) in their portal. It was actually interesting, because they showed code and talked about what happened and promised downloadable proof-of-concept. As you might expect, their modifications and thoroughly unsupported by Oracle, because the portal itself is far too shitty to support such a modern feature. The AJAX changes take place outside of the PDK.

In terms of their portal: after testing some of it, I must say I’m confused at some of the spots where they decide to use AJAX, such as with their login script that leads to an entirely new page load, anyway. That, and their display code is still a mess, as I mentioned. I am familiar with AJAX, being a child of the Web 2.0 generation, and in fact I use AJAX comments here on my site, which I fell in love with while I used K2, even though I grew to hate K2 itself. Go ahead: try the comments out on this entry.

Despite how interesting it sort-of was, I could think of nothing else during the presentation other than how much I wanted to throw myself down a stairwell. Or at least go back to the dorm and sleep. So that’s what I did, as it’s not even a 5-minute walk from the Dively Center, first calling the ever-beautiful Allison and wishing her a good morning, and then taking out my contacts, setting my alarm for an hour, and going out like a light.

I awoke just before my alarm went off, a bit hot and a lot wrinkled, but feeling 100% better. I splashed water on my face, put my shoes back on, and hightailed it down to the Starbucks on the ground floor, where the harried—and apparently only—worker fulfilled my order of “White Chocolate Mocha” with an iced White Chocolate Mocha. Apparently, that’s her default in the summer or something. Despite my love of hot coffee, I figured it would be good, and it is: I’m drinking it now while I type this, waiting for my boss and the rest of the cadre to finish with their current sessions. Me, I’m just happy to feel better.

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