Endgame Endgame by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver
Publisher: Pocket Star
Year: 1996
Pages: 250

I’ll come out and say it: Endgame is weird.

Never mind the sloppy inconsistencies1 or anything of that sort: Hugh gets downright philosophical, introducing another new alien species (and mistaking Bismarckian evolution for Darwinian evolution) and centering the plot around the metaphysics of alien species, the question of faith and the soul, humanity. Plus the perils of traveling at relativistic/proxiluminous speeds in space.

Remember, this is Doom.

I took more from Endgame this time than I have at any other time in the past. Perhaps knowing of Hugh’s right-wing nature illuminates some of the characterization that eluded me before. Perhaps I was simply more capable of processing metaphysical questions than I was the last time I read it (gosh, years ago, I think). So, there’s a lot of subtext here, in a sense, and it’s hella interesting to read, but a bit of a surprise for those expecting more imp-blasting.

My only irritation is that Hugh seemed so glib with some things. There are certain things that just happened, and little time is spent dwelling on them. The meaning remains unclear. Other than that, I still think it’s a great book, if a somewhat unfulfilling end to a self-labelled “space opera.”

  1. i.e. the characters going through a “Gate,” thus being robbed of all clothing and weapons and hijacking an alien ship hundreds of lightyears away from earth, but later in the story somehow having access to American guns circa the time they left the planet.[]
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2 Comments to “Endgame”

  1. ffanatic says:

    Endgame is quite bizarre, and while it’s expertly written, it left my strangely unsatisfied in the end. Not so much with the result of the final novel, but rather, with the scope of the series as a whole.

  2. david says:

    i played doom when i was little (six or seven years old), and sometime around then, i decided to buy a doom book when my mom took me to the bookstore.

    strangely, this was the one i picked out of all the ones they had. (and i had no idea until just now that it was a whole series). i thought it was a weird book, nothing to do with the video game, and i don’t even think i finished it.

    although i do remember thinking the idea was cool that he could spend all that time on the ship, going to a place full of enemies, but because he was going close to the speed of light, and the signal announcing his arrival was going at the speed of light, the bad guys would only get fifteen minutes or so to await his arrival.

    i just didn’t have the attention span (or perhaps the reading level) to keep going.

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