STANFORD, California (AP) — Two government biologists heavily recruited by Stanford University have decided to work in Singapore instead, saying they will face fewer restrictions on stem cell research overseas.

Neal Copeland and Nancy Jenkins, geneticists for the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland said they were concerned about delays in the allocation of $3 billion set aside by a California ballot measure approved in 2004.

Think this is going to be a theme? Americans and our government are so cynical or fearful of science that we’re going to drive out all of our brightest people.

Gee, sound familiar?

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2 Comments to “And so they go”

  1. Andy says:

    The answer is simple: use adult cells.
    They may even work BETTER for most research.

  2. Jeff says:

    That’s not really an answer. We know embryonic stem cells can develop into multiple tissue types and can be used long term. The truth of that with regard to adult stem cells is very sketchy at this point. It would be ridiculous from a research standpoint to ignore embryonic stem cells at this point.

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