'Tis the Season 'Tis the Season by Zack Emerson
Publisher: Scholastic
Year: 1991
Pages: 254

In a sudden departure from the first two books of this series, ‘Tis the Season takes place from the point of view of an entirely new character; in fact, the characters from the previous books aren’t reintroduced until the last two chapters.

This particular novel centers around Rebecca, a 21-year-old E.R. nurse at the 63rd Evac hospital in Chu Lai. Never in your life have you met a more stubborn woman; in fact, she reminds me of an old friend of mine. You may know someone like this, too. Rebecca’s days are filled with blood and guts as she deals with a never-ending stream of casualties; beer is more readily available than sleep. Meanwhile, she has to tackle her own troubled family history, the very reason she’s in Vietnam to begin with.

Because of Emerson’s style, it’s easy to see the similarities between Rebecca and Mike (the main character from the previous novels). Yet, Emerson’s stream-of-consciousness style is even more poignant here than previously, and it’s no wonder that she fell in love with Rebecca’s character, enough to continue with it even after the Echo Company series ended (more on that later).

As was probably inevitable, Rebecca eventually meets the intrepid Mike, though little is made of it in this novel. We find out more in #4, to be reviewed shortly.

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