Raphael, what have they done to you?The indomitable Zack and Dr. Thorpe run this year’s dumbest Halloween costume through the gauntlet in their semiregular Fashion SWAT column. As you can see, there are some pretty pathetic ones.

Man, if you ever wear this to a party and run into someone with the same costume that’s like the perfect moment to form a suicide pact. “Oh, you don’t have anything left to live for either? Want to go outside and asphyxiate in my car with me?” While the two girls in the elaborate Cleopatra costumes are making out on the couch in the living room for attention the two bargain ninja turtles quietly slink away to the garage and hook a hose up to the exhaust.

No, seriously, these costumes are scary, and Zack Parsons is funny in ways I only wish I could emulate.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think I had that Ninja Turtles costume when I was in first grade.

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