From ffanatic (actually, from his sinful girlfriend) comes a meme about all those stupid things you wanted to be as a child, in order.

  • A grocer (c. 1st grade)
  • An artist (c. 3rd grade)
  • A vet (c. 5th grade)
  • A pharmacist (c. 11th grade)
  • A computer-related field [IT, web dev., &c.] (current)

Don’t laugh about my wanting to be a grocer. I was basing that particular career choice based on my then-current skillset, which basically consisted of the alphabet and addition. I also—for years—thought that height was determined only by age.

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3 Comments to “When I grow up, I’ll want to be a child”

  1. Iris says:

    I know…at those oddish jobs you want to do as a child. My cousin wanted to be a construction worker after reading all those Bob the Builder type books and seeing a construction worker drive a “really kewl machine”. I’ll have to steal this and share my odd career choices with the world. One of which is quite immoral. LoL

  2. the sinful girlfriend says:

    Hahahaha, that is so cute that you wanted to be a grocer! Did you ever play Store whne you were little?

  3. Ben says:

    I don’t recall playing store per se, but I had a Fischer Price McDonalds thingamabob, so I had a lot of prepping for a career in the food service industry. Thankfully, I’ve avoided said career path.

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