A short meme of my “sit down and think about it, no bullshit” favorites.

Favorite color: Throughout most of my childhood, it was violet, but as a teenager and to this day it remains blue (esp. when complemented by grey).

Favorite food: Historically, a dish my mother makes called “creamed potatoes,” which is a bit like traditional potato soup, but thicker. Lately, however, a recipe called “Betty’s Company Chicken” (chicken breasts baked in cream of mushroom soup, topped with Stouffers, and served on rice) is becoming a serious contender for that crown.

Favorite beverage: For the last few years, it’s been ginger ale, no doubt about it.

Favorite movie: Sideways still takes the cake for me, but my experience in cinema-watching is pitifully limited, so that doesn’t mean much.

Favorite album: This one is seriously impossible for me to say. I mean it. I can’t choose between NIN’s The Fragile, Pain of Salvation’s The Perfect Element Pt. I, Evereve’s Stormbirds, Opeth’s Still Life or Blackwater Park, Dream Theater’s Scenes from a Memory, and probably some others I can’t even think about right now.

This question wasn’t included, but I feel that it has to be asked. Favorite book: Easy one. Lord of the Barnyard, by Tristan Egolf.

Hat tip: ffanatic

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  1. Iris says:

    I liked this one. Except I read it wrong the first time and thought it said to put down the first thought you had… but I reread and did it correctly.

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