TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The city was calm Monday after weekend violence triggered by a white supremacist group’s march along the sidewalks of a racially mixed neighborhood.

A melee broke out Saturday when protesters confronted members of the National Socialist Movement who had gathered at a city park.

“They do have a right to walk on the Toledo sidewalks,” Mayor Jack Ford said Sunday.

An angry mob, some of them gang members, threw baseball-sized rocks at police, vandalized vehicles and stores, and set fire to a bar. More than 100 people were arrested and one officer was seriously injured.

Because the way to protest bigotry and violence is? Yes, a riot, with further violence, against police officers. I’m not entirely convinced of the wisdom of allowed the Neo-Nazi march to take place in a residential neighborhood, or of the legality of their “shouting insults,” but I’m quite sure that throwing bricks at cop cars won’t solve the problem.

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3 Comments to “Define ‘irony’”

  1. rob says:

    It’s probably the best troll I’ve ever seen. I don’t agree with them politically, but fair play to the Nazis – I guess this played out exactly how they wanted it to.

  2. S4R says:

    Reminds me of Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount.

  3. Iris says:

    That kind of march would never be allowed here (hate crime laws), and good for it. But what message is that sending by throwing stuff at them… and at the police…? Yep, the Nazis will use this as more evidence against non-whites. :/

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