The “Working feverishly on recoding crufty HTML at work” edition

Friday Random Ten

  1. Kayo Dot • The Manifold Curiosity
  2. Finger Eleven • The Obvious Heart
  3. Yngwie Malmsteen • Fugue
  4. Blindside • Across Waters Again
  5. Pain of Salvation • Omni
  6. the Gathering • A Life All Mine
  7. Tori Amos • Ribbons Undone
  8. Maudlin of the Well • Interlude 1
  9. Paco de Lucía • Llanos de Real
  10. Devin Townsend • Olives

Listed band whose ethnicity I most share: the Gathering (though I’m a fraction of Malmsteen and Pain of Salvation as well).

Girliest song: The Tori Amos one, of course. Real men like singer-songwriters.

Shortest song: “Interlude 1” by Maudlin of the Well, at just over a minute.

Coolest spoken part: “Olives,” which contains the occasional Darth Vader-intoned “Olive!”

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  1. […] It’s Friday once more. Time for the not-so-secret society of the Random Ten-ers to be called to order (Heliologue) 1. Breathing – Jayy Mannon (mp3) “It’s okay, I’m alright now — I’m breathing on my own.” 2. Crazy (Acoustic) – Seal (single B-side) “In a world full of people only some want to fly – – Isn’t that crazy?” 3. Here With Me – Dido (No Angel) “I didn’t hear you leave; I wonder how am I still here.” 4. The Loser – Switchfoot (Learning to Breathe) “… take what you want from me, empty me till I’m depleted; I’ll be around if I’m ever needed.” 5. Star Me Kitten – R.E.M. (Automatic for the People) “You are wild and I’m in your possesion. Nothing’s free, so …” 6. Plowed – Sponge (Rotting Pinata) “I’m buried by the sound of a world of human wreckage …” 7. One – Tait (In the Name of Love) “We get to carry each other, carry each other …” 8. Circle – Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy) “What kind of love is this that keeps me hanging on, despite everything it’s doing to me?” 9. Innocent – Fuel (Something Like Human) “… while confession’s not yet stated, our next sin is contemplated.” 10. Goes Without Saying – Vigilantes of Love (Audible Sigh) “Failure, she’s a new-found friend — you let her sleep on the floor, and when you rise to check out, well, she follows to the door.” […]

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