According to the folks at Hydrogen Audio, it’s officially time to retire your 3.90.x encoder and start using the new 3.97 one, which, among other things, obscelesces the —alt-preset way of doing things.

LAME 3.97beta is now the officially recommended LAME version and switching is recommended to everybody.

This recommendation marks the death of the 3.90.X branch of LAME and the —alt-presets (or —presets) developed and tuned by Dibrom with help of many original members of this site in late 2001 establishing “the most concise, well tuned, and most thought out MP3 quality “paradigm” at the time. […]

Grab it from Rarewares.

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4 Comments to “LAME 3.97 beta”

  1. S4R says:

    3.97 has become the new scene standard.

  2. Ben says:

    How long has that been true, S4R?

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