The “Extraordinary Machine is finally released!” edition

Friday Random Ten

  1. Yann Tiersen • Monochrome
  2. Frantic Bleep • Sins of Omission
  3. Odyssey • Amon-Ra
  4. Sentenced • Northern Lights
  5. Ben Christophers • Where the Road Bends
  6. Novembre • Conservatory Resonance
  7. Unicorn • The Boy and the Impossible
  8. Royal Hunt • Time Will Tell
  9. Cave In • Paranormal
  10. In the Woods • Mourning the Death of Aase

Favorite song: They’re all good, but I’d have to say that “Conservatory Resonance” takes the cake out of this bunch.

Least favorite song: This particular rendition of “Mourning the Death of Aase” comes from the Live at the Caledonian Hall album, and isn’t that impressive.

Total number of listed bands that Dan Swanö is a member of: 2 (Unicorn, Odyssey)

Song I’ve had the longest: “Time Will Tell,” from the Paradox album, is one of the oldest CDs I own (expressed in years of ownership)

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  1. […] It’s Friday again, thus the randomness shall ensue. Note that I’ve made no special attempt to please Becky or her demands of dog photos or downloadable songs, but there are two downloadable tunes here just the same. Make of it what you will. (Heliologue) 1. Too Late – Familiar 48 (Wonderful Nothing) 2. You Wanted More – Tonic (Sugar) 3. Discotheque – Stargazer Lily (that’s O.K., I can sleep at work) 4. Carolina – Guilded Lilies (0) 5. Ghost Train to Nowhere – Lost Dogs (Gift Horse) 6. There You Are – Goo Goo Dolls (Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce) 7. Take Me Down to the Infirmary – Cracker (Kerosene Hat) 8. Trip Through Your Wires – Various Artists (Pickin’ on U2: A Bluegrass Tribute) 9. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad – Moby (Play) 10. Dig My Heels – 77’s (Live at the LPPOA) […]

  2. […] It’s the dual edition edition: “I’m lazy and leaving the songs the way they are copied straight out of fb2k (except for the song length)” and “I’m copying Heliologue’s favorite song/least favorite song/other comments at the bottom.” […]

  3. Friday Random Ten – 10.07.05

    Time for Friday Random Ten, where you hit shuffle on your favorite digital music player (for me my Windows MediaPlayer at work) and report on the first ten songs that it spits out. Actually, I’m not at work today so

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