Harvey Danger (of “Flagpole Sitta” fame) have released their latest album as a free download. You can get OGG and MP3 versions via torrent, or a slightly smaller MP3 version via direct download. Why, you ask?

Why are we doing this? The short answer is simply that we want a lot of people to hear the record.

However, it’s important that people understand the free download concept isn’t a frivolous act. It’s a key part of our promotional campaign, along with radio and press promotion, live shows, and videos. It’s a bet that the resources of the Internet can make possible a new way for musicians to find their audience – and forge a meaningful artistic career built on support from cooperative, not adversarial, relationships.

We realize that digital files are the primary means by which a huge segment of the population is exposed to new music; we also believe that plenty of music lovers in the world will buy a record once they’ve heard it – whether via radio or computer.

Finally, somebody gets it.

It’s a pretty good album, too, so head on over and give it a download. Also, I should mention that they have a song called “Moral Centralia.” Awesome.

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2 Comments to “Harvey Danger, free album”

  1. Rusty says:

    Meanwhile, please enjoy the record. Everything else is secondary.

    Aaaahhhh. I’m going to download this simply because, as you say, finally someone has the right attitude about this.

    How come you linked to the .pdf when it’s up on a webpage as well?

  2. Ben says:

    Hmm, small oversight on my part. Fixed now.

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