The “Time to change the name from Muzak to Friday Random Ten” edition.

Friday Random Ten

  1. Explosions in the Sky • A Slow Dance
  2. Tori Amos • The Power of Orange Knickers
  3. The Snake The Cross The Crown • The Sun Tells the Moon
  4. Extol • Psychopath
  5. Tool • Stinkfist
  6. Pain of Salvation • Iter Impius
  7. Queens of the Stone Age • Do It Again
  8. Frantic Bleep • Sins of Omission
  9. Piano Magic • When I’m Done, This Night Will Fear Me
  10. Fiona Apple • Fast As You Can

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  1. […] Time for Friday Random Ten, and what would blogging be without meaningless posts about what I’m listening to anyway? A sampling of fellow random ten-ers to be enclosed in parenteses following this sentence. (Feministe, Heliologue…) 1. We Do What We Can Do – Sheryl Crow (Tuesday Night Music Club) 2. You – Marvin Gaye (The Very Best of Marvin Gaye) 3. Hackensack – Fountains of Wayne (Welcome Interstate Managers) 4. Invasion Hit Parade – Elvis Costello (Mighty Like a Rose) 5. Red Light – U2 (War) 6. Fairpoint Diary – Over the Rhine (Films for Radio) 7. Cheatin’ – Gin Blossoms (New Miserable Experience) 8. Wash It Away – Black Lab (Your Body Above Me) 9 Hemorrhage (In My Hands)/Acoustic – Fuel (Something Like Human/Enhanced Version) 10. No Surprises – Radiohead (OK Computer) […]

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