In lighter news, Andy got to meet Bruce Campbell, of Army of Darkness fame (as well as a host of other B movies) at a book signing a few nights ago. He’s got a nifty writeup of the meeting he so fervently anticipated.

Now I’d like to tell you that this pop culture idol and I had “a moment,” a stoppage of time when we looked into each other’s eyes and he knew somewhere in his NY Times bestselling author soul that I would be a published writer someday, or that I looked at his famed chin and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that we would be seeing each other again someday, this genre-bending auteur and I.

But I won’t stretch credibility with any such treacle. If there was a moment that was had right then, it was solely mine. And besides, I’m not great with eye contact. Still, to have him say what he said in just such a way makes me feel great. I also heard him say basically that to at least one other person, but it was different. That had been to someone who had handed him a children’s ABC book of their own composition, and there had been syrup and irony in his baritone voice. His tone when speaking to me had been as if to say, “Okay, a writer! Finally someone I can relate to!” (No, really.)

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