All of these people have better things to say than me.

  • DailyKos cites Al Sharpton criticizing the disparity between our treatment of one white women and thousands of poor blacks.
  • Shakespeare’s Sister lambastes the Social Darwinism popularized by cunts like Grover Norquist.
  • Sploid is scandalized that FEMA is directing people to donate to The Extremely Reverend Pat Robert’s “Operation Blessing.” Stick with the Red Cross, folks.
  • Liberal Blogs for Hurricane Relief keeps a constant ticker of monies raised. Go ahead and donate.
  • PZ Meyers cites the 2001 article by Scientific American that warns that a strong storm could, um, flood New Orleans.
  • Wonkette mentions the disparaging attitude that rescue have towards the Bushies right now. OK, so maybe diverting funds from levee maintenance to the “War on Terror” wasn’t such a good idea…
  • Crooks & Liars applauds Anderson Cooper for yelling at the ever-vapid Mary Landrieu. Note to politicians: please stop fellating yourselves and do something. Thanks.
  • Michael Barnett blogs from New Orleans, and it’s not pretty.
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7 Comments to “Katrina roundup”

  1. Andy says:

    At the risk of sounding like certain people’s mothers who shall remain nameless…

    some day these people might actually get jobs in the private sector, might actually have to produce something, might actually have to pay taxes, might actually have to save to send kids to college, might actually have to make monthly car payments…

    then they may have something better to do than rail on authority and find daily affirmation among other like-minded hemp wearers.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m not quite sure what part of the roundup you’re taking issue with.

  3. Andy says:

    ’twas an admittedly crass generalization of the bloggers themselves.

  4. Ben says:

    Well, as long as you know it’s crass.

  5. Andy says:

    Which, of course, does not mean it’s not true.

  6. Ben says:

    Are you trying to characterize bloggers in general as being spacey liberals with nothing to say? I would posit that all of them with the exception of Wonkette have day jobs, and all of them pay taxes, and have kids.

    Sure, blogs are available to any nerdy kid in his parents’ basement, but that doesn’t mean that well-established ones are worthless. Just the opposite, in fact. To suggest otherwise is not only crass, but baseless as well.

  7. Andy says:

    How dare anyone make generalizations? Like the one Daily Kos makes that all the people who would have preferred Terry Schiavo’s plug not be pulled are now “sitting on their ass” and not doing anything— least of all sending money— to help the victims of the hurricane? (He really shouldn’t bother me; anyone who still cites someone with the criminal and RACIST record of Al Sharpton gave up credibility about the time he gave up wetting the bed.) Similar “logic” permeates most of the above entries.

    It’s the politicizing of the tragedy that galls me more than anything. I’m not characterizing bloggers as being spacey liberals with nothing to say; if anything I’m criticizing this small subsection of them as being too narrowly focused and as having too much to say, with little or no differentiation between fact and opinion.

    Did I avidly research my assertion that the most vocal liberals have jobs in the public sector or academia? That they are often DINKs?
    Is that reeeaaaalllyy necessary, given the level of discourse there displayed?

    Sorry, I’ll stop now. I know how you feel, and I hate to be the pissy conservative on your site (I’m probably costing you precious lib-cred). But I just felt spunky about the whole deal. Do these morons actually think America won’t band together- again- and give the afflicted persons, black or white or chartreuse, the aid needed? Do they think someone who voted for Bush cares less?

    I voted for Bush, and I have been known to make a generalization or two, and I would not make such a statement about someone who voted for Gore, or Kerry, or Dean, or Nader…

    Well, maybe Nader.


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