Why, oh why, did I sign up for Physical Science 101 to satisfy my gen. ed. requirement? It’s like being stuck in a cage with dumber-than-average orangutans who fling poo. PZ Meyers would be scandalized.

Teacher: What’s the standard unit of volume in the SI system?1

Student: Meter?

Teacher: I don’t think that’s the right answer…

Student: … a quart?

  1. There is none. Informally, volumes are still expressed in litres; formally, volumes are expressed as cubic lengths.[]
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2 Comments to “Overheard in science class”

  1. S4R says:

    Welcome to September, eh?

  2. Rusty says:

    Ouch. I have such a delightful picture in my head of you banging your head on your desk.

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