Tomorrow, Brady and I start out on a roadtrip to Omaha, Nebraska, where we will crash at our uncle’s place and engage in 6 days of manly-man activity, like laughing at an assortment of crude humour, treating his cat to the sights, sounds, and odors of three large males in a small apartment, and visiting every used book store in Omaha and Lincoln. Luckily, Brady and I now have my newish Saturn LX300 in which to make the trip west, so we can at least travel in a bit of style.

The downside to the issue is that Allison and I will be separated for a period not less than three weeks, as when I get back on Sunday the 31st, she starts her last and final year of summer band camp, and when that ends on August 5th, her family is dragging her out east until the 11th on a “vacation” to look at battlefields. Part of me knows that it could certainly be much worse than three weeks: my brother and his sweetheart have been/will be, in the course of a little over a year, be separated by a semester of Costa Rica, a summer of Washington D.C., and a semester of Germany. If they can do it, well, so can we.

Still. Anyway, long story short, this weblog will obviously be inactive for the week, since I doubt very much I will have any access to the internet while on vacation. Tune in next week; same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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  1. abou says:

    Don’t worry buddy! Abou will take care of you in the most platonic way possible… or is it non-platonic?

  2. S4R says:

    Whittle me a potato peeler.

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